September 1st, 2007


Has anyone ever ordered from MarshMelon? Ordered recently maybe? A pull through the memories was futile and a search only provided an entry that was deleted ages ago (well, that's a lie. The search also offered a completely unrelated entry). I love their boots, but I shot off an email asking if they were still taking orders and haven't yet received a response.

Mini-photoshoot - Metamorphose and Kodona

I finally dragged out an old-new Meta JSK I bought a couple of months ago (old because it's... well... old, new because this is the second time I've worn it), and also tried out an ensemble that I'm working on for a upcoming steampunk meet. I thought I'd post those pictures here too, since it's pretty much just a kodona outfit right now.

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Did anyone go to the Craft show at Manchester Central this weekend/or is planning to go? I went myself today and got a few sewing goodies, I just thought I'd ask if anyone else went.
I wore my new outfit but didn't get any pictures, I got some nice comments off the stall owners though = ]
she did bad?

shipping umbrellas

So here's a silly question - how do brands ship their parasols to you? I got one of my friends who went holidaying in Japan to buy me a parasol ("it's a white umbrella," I thought, "he can't possibly screw it up") to save on shipping. To cut a long story short, he decided to leave it with a friend to ship back here (-.-'''') and when the friend took it to the post office they refused to accept it because of its dimensions.

I'm thinking it probably just wasn't packaged right, and I really don't want to wait till someone else I know makes a trip to Japan to get the parasol (especially since it seems he's gotten me a whitexpink one despite my instructions, moar -.-''''), so if you could help me out, that would be lovely. Alternatively, if you've sold umbrellas before, how do you package them?

Thanks so much for your help. And also for reading my sob story.