August 30th, 2007

Marie antoinette JSK sizing and EGA question

Please forgive my total ignorance but what are the measurements of the MA JSK?

Also, I have decided that i'd like to try and build up an EGA outfit, but pretty much all my other items are amaloli, so i'd be starting from scratch. Can anyone suggest a good place where I might be able to find some nice EGA clothes?
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Hellpp ;__;

I know this must have been post about
a MILLION times
Buttt, i need help, fast
I remember seeing a post that had a pictured step by step thing how to order from BTSSB, but i can't find it, and this is my FIRST time ordering and i feel like crying XD
Does anyone have the link to ittt? ;O;
Thank you!
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soo. . .

So I got my lovely BTSSB bunny coat in the mail today. I was so excited until I put it on. . . Alas it was to big~!

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So I'm asking your advice on what to do with it.

Should I sell it and save the money for a coat that fits? or should I take it in myself? (not hard to do as the coat is not lined)

Thanks for your help~!
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Gothic Lolita Bible?


I searched thorugh egl and the momories, but I couldn´t find anything so..

Where can I buy Gothic Lolita bibles through internet? We have one place here in sweden (what I know at least), but they are quite expensive and it takes awhile for them to get the lastest issues)

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Custome fee question

I tried looking in the memories, but I didn't see anything. I'm possibly planning to do a big order for myself from meta, prolly some where around the 50000 yen mark, maybe a bit less. I was wondering if I'll possibly be hit with custom fees? This will be my first time buying cloths from Japan, so I'm not sure if I would get fees. Is it better to do large order or maybe just order one or two dresses at a time? Oh btw I'm in the US, Ohio to be specific. Thanks in advance. :D

BTSSB UPDATE!! Lucky Pack and Paris Window JSK 2

Yep, there's a new lucky pack for sale! I can't read the kanji but I know there are cutsews and T-shirts included. Probably a skirt as seen in the pic.
Also, the paris window JSK 2 is finally out but it differs from the scan I saw posted here.
The chest area has ribbon prints! I'd prefer it to be plain.  TT_TT
Guess I'll order just the skirt. I was looking forward to it so much...
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plus sized?

i love brand clothing. i wouldn't mind having to save up for them if some of the would actually fit right! some of them will fit around the waist, but almost all of them are too small at the chest!

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Help a newcomer to Pirate Lolita :D

So, I've never done pirate lolita, but with the Decemberists coming to my town and having some cash saved up, I figured there was no better time to try. Since I don't generally associate pink/baby blue with pirates, I am hoping to create a black based outfit, or darker colors. So really, Im just looking for advice on where/what/how to buy/commision/etc. from veteran pirate lolis, or just people who know their stuff! More info under the cut!
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