August 29th, 2007


EGA Photo Shoot

So I decided to post a shoot I photographed of my boyfriend in EGA. If the pictures are not under cut or if the cut is incorrect I apologize. Please inform me and I will fix it as soon as I can.
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The La Vie en Rose magazine?


I just wanted to ask a question. 

Has anyone purchased the La Vie en Rose magazine as of yet? 

Has it been worth it? Just what is in the first issue. Hopefully your comments will sway me into purchasing a few for gifts to friends and such.


New Loli

Hi! I'm new to Lolita, and wanted to order some items from Baby, but worried about expensive it seems. Is it worth it to spend the extra money? And, does any one have any suggestions for what type of pieces I should start off with? 
Thanks :)


So I have a bit of a problem
I've managed to work around the being 6'1" and loving lolita problem, XD lol
but one problem I do have is the fact that I need size 11 shoes, and I would really love a pair of these:
  Does anyone know where I can get a pair in size 11? 
Would it be ridiculous to to try and have a shoe maker make these for me ??

thanks in advance!
(I hope this post is ok, if its not just delete it:))

zombie pin up brains

coats, coats and more coats

I finally plan to buy a lolita coat this year. The main thing I am looking for is warmth and not overly sweet. I decided to get a coat from Baby, Beth, or Meta *I would love VM, but yeah not quite up to spending 500$ on a coat just yet :/* I know from previous people that Baby's coat are quite warm. Now I want to know are Beth's or Meta's warm and toasty. I have had wool coats that were not so great and when my arms and chest gets cold, the rest of me does more. So people help me out
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Gwen Stefani Harajuku Paper Dolls

Hey guys, if anyone's bored you might give this a try...when the page loads, click on the leftmost link, Paperdolls:

Hewlet-Packard is apparently cashing in on Gwen Stefani's whole Harajuku thing and made some online paper dolls based on her creepy "entourage". Needless to say, Gwen's style is anything but real lolita, but I messed around with some of the dolls and they actually came out pretty cute.
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