August 28th, 2007

Hair Ties

Baby Update Question

Just curious, does anyone know what the update on Baby's homepage means? It says (as translated by Google): "★2007.8.28 renewal* We added the luck sack new commodity to the ★SALE corner*", but I can't see anything new that was added to the sales section and all the lucky packs still say "Sold Out".
LA Weekly

no word about Loli events at PMX? DO YOUR PART!!!

hi there fellow Loli's
Are you frustrated or annoyed that there have been no official announcements as to any Gothic Lolita events and or guests at this years PMX ? Well I am too!!! BUT.. it's not the fault of the lovely PMX Lolita hostess, she is working her little butt off trying to make events for us to enjoy.

"but but.." you say "that doesn't help me? I still want to know if I should plan to attend PMX this year.. is there anything I can do to help?"

YES!!!!, Yes there is!!!!

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Okay, remember what Captain Planet said]
"The Power is Yours!!!"

x-posted and I very much hope that people will post it around on their own LJ's~