August 26th, 2007


Photo Request

Does anyone have photos of Meta's long sleeved lucky pack blouse? The one I'm talking about has a peter pan collar though no pintucks and no ruffles on the bust. But it does have corset lacing on the back of it. It's also got eyelet lace on the collar and cuffs.
Specifically, I'd really appreciate photos of the white version.

Can anyone help me out? The search feature only shows the short sleeved blouse, or long sleeved ones with different necklines.
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I know that modifying brand decreases the value of a dress, but if I were simply to move the back zip to a side zip would it matter so much?

My problem is that most dresses have back zips, which makes it really inconvient if you're living along AND have only one pair of arms (I spent an hour zipping up my ETC dress, then gave up to call my neighbour). I'm seriously considering changing all the back zips to side zips, but I don't want to do it if the value of the dress will decrease.

If someone has a solution to the back-zip problem, I'll be eternally grateful!

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A question:

What's the party stance on batten burg lace?

I personally think it can look nice but it can also look kinda country kitchen so I'm just not sure. I searched the comm. and I didn't find any discussion about it.

Is it lolita or unlolita???

EDIT: I ask because I found some lace collars in the fabric stash and was considering how they would look in use. I was thinking the battenburg one might look nice with some ribbon detailing added but wasn't sure.
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Lucky Packs

Okay, newbie question, since I've never tried shopping for lolita clothes online (the last time I tried, it toally flopped and I spent nearly $200 for nothing D:, so I am a makeshift lolita until now. D:) But I was wondering about lucky packs, since I might ask for one whenever they become available.

WHEN exactly do lucky packs come out and how do you buy them? Will it be displayed on the babyssb site, like "get your lucky packs!" or something like that? And do you know what youll be able to get in the lucky packs?

Sorry, please and thank you.
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Alice Shirt =D

I found this adorable Alice shirt for only $5 at the Disney store yesterday but sadly, being that it was a sale, there was only one left in a size medium women's which is like...massive.

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I want to make it smaller and more cutsew-like perhaps with some lace trim but I really don't know how to go about chopping it up. Have any of you transformed T-shirts into something cute? I haven't had much luck with T-shirt reconstruction before so I figured I should ask around for any tips/directions before I break out the shears. >.<

Thanks in advance!

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Detachable waist ties, yay or nay?

 What are your opinions on detachable waist ties on skirts? Do you usually tuck in your blouse so the bow shows, or forget the bow and wear your blouse/cutsew over the skirt? I imagine that wearing a blouse untucked with the ties on makes your blouse bunch up or bumpy. Would you prefer a skirt with a tie or without a tie?
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Angelic Pretty Carousel OP black pic request

SO I saw this for sale awhile back, and if I had the money I totally would have bought it (needless to say, I am broke like a joke). But I want the picture for future reference, and although I googled the heck out of it, my efforts were futile :C

could someone pretty lolita post a stock photo of it?  I would greatly appreciate it n_n

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Kira Imai caramel sexy

Punk Casual Lolita crossover

I did a quick search through the EGL database, and didn't come up with very many examples at all of Punk stepping over to the lolita_handbook I followed the advice as much as possible keeping in mind two things:  My limited wardrobe, and the Casual Lolita Style.  I've come to the conclusion that it IS indeed very hard to attain a Lolita look without looking like just ordinary western-punk style fashion.
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Ebay (or other online store) challenge!

Hello ladies and gentlemen;
I was hopping through Ebay and a though occured. Is there another option for those of us that can't afford brand (or can afford it, but want brand items from stores that do not ship to our home countries without expensive carrier services)? The answer came slamming back, heck yes, check the memories (like the darling "create an outfit with nonbrand items"). I would like to revive this challenge, but with a twist. Collapse )