August 25th, 2007

i need a bit of advise

ok, so im trying to put together an outfit, and i love this dress, but it has sort of a punk-y quality to it, and i'm not big on punk-loli. but i still want to give this a try just because its a nice change. so now i'm having trouble accesorising it. i think with my hair the way i had it, with the cross, stockings a shoes it looks WAY to much like cosplay, specifically Misa from death note. it hardcore reminds me of her. maybe its just me. what do you think? please be totally honest with me, i really need you guy's input/ criticism/ critique. w/e!

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Hyung Tae Kim
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Cosmetics, accessories shopping & bowling?

You've heard of the expression, "Clothes do not make the man?" Or in this case, mostly girls and woman? Boys and men are quite welcomed too!

I've been wanting to meet fellow Lolitas in non-lolita clothes up here in Washington State/greater Seattle area, USA. I wanted to try and do something fun, a tad unusual. Something like shopping for make-up, accessories, tiny things that don't cost much, then going somewhere to try it all out and see what style goes with what dress or color and so on. A girl's day out, I guess.

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Well, at least I think I remembered that saying correctly. *koffskoffs*

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bubble bath usagi

Crescent Shop Question

I tried using LJ seek and the memories to find the answer to this, but nothing came up.
My question was, how do you ask Crescent Shop to hold your items and combine shipping? I tried going to the "Order Shipment Status" or the "Pending Shipment" page and sent a message asking them to hold my items for a few weeks, since I want to buy more items, but they still sent me a shipping charge when I went back to the "order shipment status" page.

I would greatly appreciate any help. Sorry if the answer is obvious or if I'm doing it right already!
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So I'm allowed to get one thing from hervia and I can't decide between two things!
I'm a predominantly gothic lolita/aristocrat, but I think both items can be incorporated into that.

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Novala Takemoto

Hello ^^
Does anyone knows where I can find pictures of Novala Takemoto? I saw him in my first Lolita Bible, but I didn't find any pictures. Nothic on google or yahoo. q.q

Thank you

btssb pants lp question

can any share the btssb lp pants sizes? especially waist sizes.
one reason i didn't go for that pack was cause btssb's pants sizes seem to vary quite a bit. didn't want to chance hence, but would like to know for future reference.

*am making this post cause don't want to be spoiled by the picture posts. yeah, baby makes me cry >_<;;;;
AP Band

Curiosity has gotten to me.

I am curious as to what the people of EGL think about the designer of Angelic Pretty. So here's a poll! ♫

Poll #1044997 Angelic Pretty Designer

Who do you think is the designer of Angelic Pretty?

Someone else
My apologies if anyone finds this inappropriate.
Lace &amp; necklace

Picture request post

I was thinking of buying a BABY jsk in the nearish future and narrowed it down to one that the significant other and I both liked (that was basically how I narrowed it from two to one), but since the detail was just shown for the dark blue dress and I'm thinking of getting the pink one, I though I'd request pictures of the detail on lighter color, or even the jsk worn. :]

That's the pink one of this BABY jsk.

If you have it in white instead, I'd perhaps like to see the white one worn as well since it's the other light color. (edit: especially if your bust is under 35")

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Thank you!