August 24th, 2007

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Icons =D

After listening to too much rap I decided to make some icons to compliment such sweet sounds~ I'm not the greatest with photoshop but I think they're alright.

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Please credit me (rainbowcheese) in your comment section if you use any of the text ones. Feel free to do whatever you want with the plain ones, maybe you can think of better phrases. XD

Hope you like them! ^-^

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Meta's Winter Pre-Order

Okay, so now that Metamorphose's Winter Collection Pre-Order is up, I think they have re-gained my love yet again.
  Velvet prints, half bonnets, and cats, ftw!  I'm getting the high neck frill shirred blouse in antique white to go with THIS, and as many of the boater hats as I can convince my husband to let me get.  (My birthday is in September, so hopefully one of each color.) Anyone else know what they are going to get yet?

My JSK Lucky Pack~ <3

So I woke up this morning with it on my bed, like "What the fu--OH SHET LUCKY PACK F*** YAH!!!". xD I feel bad now, for emailing BABY like "WHERE IZ IT????" Now I wonder if we could send fan-mail to Isobe so I can tell him how I suspect him of being a sadistic old man who tortures his young customers by surprising them unexpectedly.

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Question about Dye

So here is my question: Do you think it would be safe to use Rit dye on Anna House's blouses? They only sell one in black, and I don't do white very well... Otherwise do any of you know if they will bespoke other colours that they don't have listed for the particular garment. Thanks all!
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Outfit question ;x

I don't know how many of you remember my ShiroLoli post, but now I have a question.

The outfit consisted/will consist of the following:

- Meta LP Dress in White
- Meta Bloomers in White
- White stockings
- Ling Lam Shoes in White
- Angelic Pretty Replica Bag in White

Would it be a "no-no" to coordinate a pair of small white wings (feather or netting) with this outfit FOR A CONVENTION? Will it look too "cosplay-ish"?

And does anyone have a picture of a model wearing Lolita with some sort of wings?

^_^ Thanks girls <3
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Mai Ozawa Review

          I recently ordered from Mai Ozawa for the first time. I wanted some Angelic Pretty accessories, which are pretty much impossible to acquire online anywhere besides an auction, as Angelic Pretty does not have a very organized system for their website. I could not contact Celga or a similar service because I really needed someone to go to the store and look for something based on a description, not an item number.

          I sent her an email, asking if she would be able to shop for something generic, such as "knee-high white socks with white lace" instead of a particular item itself. She will. She responded very promptly the entire time and was extremely pleasant to deal with. My items were shipped the very same day I paid for them, and arrived very quickly (I chose EMS). There was even a cute little surprise gift with a thank-you note attached to it in my parcel.

          Overall, she was a pleasure to deal with, and I would definitely recommend her service--especially if you wanted something fast. Overall, it took just about a week to contact her and receive my items.

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