August 22nd, 2007

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"sissy" as it's used here

I've seen the word sissy used a lot here. I'm not really sure what is meant when it's used here. It doesn't seem like the usually dictionary definition, which is,
"An offensive term for a boy or man who is considered not to exhibit stereotypical masculine behavior, especially by other boys or men". I've inferred from context that it's still negative but that's about all I could figure out. I've searched and only found variations on the definition above. What do exactly people mean by sissy here?

Hi, I was thinking today...

Hi, long time lurker first time poster.

I was thinking today about the old photo challenge where everyone was showing pics of their closets today and it got me thinking - taking photos is one thing but it becomes a little over whelming seeing all that brand in one place so I was wondering . . .

What's your closet break down by numbers?

Ex :

______ number JSK

______ number OP

and so on.


This is meant to be just a silly way to strut your stuff, plus I'm incurably nosey when it comes to other peoples closets.

Newbie Lolita/ 1st Outfit!

Hello everyone! For a while now, I've been searching for a style that really suited me and my personality. When I stumbled upon the Lolita fashion, I was thrilled! The clothes were so beautiful and adorable, I fell in love them instantly. So, I recently put together my 1st Lolita outfit (all off-brand items by the way). I think it's hideous, but I guess every Lolita has to start somewhere...heh

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EGA Picnic 5/09

Convention in Toronto this weekend

Hello Everyone,
As this weekend draws near, I wanted to remind everyone I will be there at the Midnight Syndicate table (or walking around somewhere).  Please come by & say hi if you get a chance.  I will have some birthday cake (yellow w/buttercream - YUMMMM!!!!) and you are most welcome to have a piece.  However, I probably won't have it Sunday as it will probably be eaten by then.  Hope to see you!



Help with lolita 'yes's and 'no's

As I started writing my fashion article on lolita, it occurred to me that I've only seen one loli with a train on her dress (it was actually her wedding dress, so maybe it was just egl-influenced?), even though the late Victorian era shows trains as an important part of (half of the) outfits to elongate.

SO, long story short: Is a train on an outfit 'lolita (elegant, aristocrat, or otherwise)', or is that too period? What about gloves?



LoliGothUK's september theme - Rainy Days

(With permission from carnet_atelier)

LoligothUK would like to present it's first monthly theme: Rainy Days

Strange but very apt, it seems the UK can easily pull off a theme like rainy days in the middle of summer. We are looking for people to post things in light of the current UK weather, rainy lolita. It's an excuse to run outside with an umbrella, try to lolify some welly boots, post artwork, photos which are new or old.

We are happy for all lolitas to take part, and would especially like lolitas in or visiting the UK to contribute. This theme will run until the end of September and hopefully we can return here with some great highlights to show you all. Thank you very much!

(loligothuk is the largest community for Gothic & Lolita fashion in the UK - we are going through a revamp at the moment, and would love fresh members with suggestions for fun community activities.)

Lolita panel @ New York Anime Festival, Dec. 2007

After a bit of hoping and praying and Tokyopop having the odds against me for a Lolita Panel at the New York Anime Festival this December, I'm happy to say that the Program coordinator (or whatever) reserved a spot for my Lolita panel! ^^ (See my past journal entries for more info about that)

Just to let you know right now, the New York Anime Festival will be at the Jacob Javitz Center, NY, NY. The Lolita Panel will be on Sunday, December 9th from 4 PM to 5 PM.
I'm hoping that either before or after the panel, there would be a private (keyword: private, as in no otakus or random people following us and sitting with us) lunch/dinner session. In the next few weeks I'll be looking into nearby restaurants that will be big enough, and will give us enough space for cheap. I will get back to you on that later.

If you know you are definitely going or are going to try their best to come (to the lunch/dinner), please comment so I can get an estimate of how many I should expect to come to the restaurant. ^^

But anyways, right now the challenge is finding enough people (mostly in NYC or the Tristate area) to be working at the panel with me.

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[help] In need of advice

You probably saw this sales post already as I'm trying to sell that op. The reason isn't the quality (it's great) or it's shape (it's very flattering and confortable). The reason is that it is damn short on me. I like it so much and i always want to wear it but whenever i do i feel like my ass is showing LOL
So basically since i haven't been able to sell it i have decided it is time to think about a solution and i need help. ^_^;
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requesting help regarding new years sales--

Hi all. Recently, my friends have offered for me to go on a trip with them to Tokyo from the 25th of December (Christmas eve) to the 5th of January. I agreed to go-- mainly for the sales which happen around new years, and luckypacks and nice stuff like that. Soooo. I was wondering, from Lolitas with experience of the sales and things like this, when are they actually supposed to happen? Does it vary from year to year, or is there a set date sales happen? I tried checking the memories, but I couldn't find anything on the actual dates of sales. Any and all help is appreciated, vastly! Edited. wtf LJ.
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