August 21st, 2007

Searching for a logo.... AatP

hey Lolis....

I'm searching for a picture of the Alice and The Pirates Logo since last week and i can't find any useful.

I also tried to scan the Tag from my socks, but you can't see anithing >_> and i also tried to cut it out of my Bible scans, but there are to small ;___;
i need it for my Pirate loli art ...

I hope some of you can help , so i can finish my Drawing ...

Freyja ^^
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Anna House review

I got my package from Anna House today :D Even though they've been reviewed before, I did get a couple different items... plus it's always good to see if the quality changes right? Anyway, I hope you don't mind.

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Overall: I definitely recommend ordering from them! Especially if you put in a big enough order to balance out the overly pricey shipping. The quality is really impressive and the prices are stellar. As long as you aren't expecting everything to look identical to what you see on the site, you won't be disappointed ^^v
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lolita + music/art job???

I checked the memories, but the only jobs I saw which involved dressing in lolita were shops.

I'm hoping to get a college education in something involving art/design or music. I'm leaning toward music, but I'm still unsure. I'm not asking anyone to make a decision for me, but I will let lolita influence my decision because it makes me happy, and I want a job that makes me happy.

so, I was wondering if there are any certain careers that involve these fields where I could pull off a casual or classic lolita? I figured you all know more about the style, so you'd know more about what I'm refering to when I ask about what is accepted.

I'm thinking... music therapy? graphic design? clothing design?

my boyfriend tells me nothing would accept it, so I need somebody else's opinion before I completely give up.

Art post

I have been to this community for a while but never posted anything here, so I thought why not give it a try? ^^ Here is a picture drawn by me as a wallpaper for my computer ^^ hope you like it!

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Baby makes negligee~

I don't know if I want to spend that much on something I'd only wear to bed... I guess the obvious solution is to make your own, since they don't look overly complicated. There were patterns in some of the GLBs to make nightwear, but I haven't really seen any for sale until now. Have other brands made nighties as well?
By me!

Just out of curiosity

When it comes to co-ordination and comfort, what do you prefer to wear with the majority of your outfits:

Knee high socks
Over knee socks
Ankle socks?

This is just somthing I was pondering today while I was deciding what to wear. Personally I prefer tights, because it's nearly always windy where I live, but I love knee high socks because you can get so many different designs.

Problems with the Belgian Post

I was in Belgium for a month studying French. I bought a parasol from Baby in Paris and shipped it from Brussels to the US. But that was on the 1st of August and it's 21 August. I'm so incredibly sad. The man at the post office said it would be about 12 days. I was a poor idiot and shipped Economy...and for that I probably deserve to loose it. Am I being impatient? Should I abandon all hope? ='(

(They have a form to report claims but I don't have any of the info about my package so it will do no good.)
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Hypothetical Question!

If you were given ONLY 3500 yen to buy anything you wanted from Baby The Stars Shine Bright, what would you get? I know that it is a very limited amount of money and so it limits you to socks and accessories but i want to see what you would get.


malice mizer, mana

Porcelain Skin? Help Please

Hello everyone, I'm new to the community but I visit everyday and read almost everyone's posts. I have a question and hope someone might be able to help me. I have very pale skin and I want to achieve as close to a smooth 'porcelain' kind of texture. My problem is that I have typical teenager skin and my mild acne makes it uneven and rough. I've tried several different kinds of cleansers and moisturizers but nothing seems to help. Can anyone suggest to me a good face wash/cleanser and moisturizer that might help even out my skin until it matures?

My sister had the same skin problem but she is twenty now and it's mostly disappeared. Is there something out there that can help or am I doomed to wait until my skin matures? Also, can anyone suggest a good pale make-up? Not white, I don't want to look like a ghost, but a very pale peach or pink hue?

Thank you in advance,

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Alice themed unbirthday party in Paris

Wanna see lolitas in wandering in Paris on a summer day ?

Under the cut, you'll find loads of photos taken on August 4th for my unbirthday party
Because of the un-birthday joke, we decided to stick to an "Alice's adventures in Wonderland"/"Alice through the mirror" theme.

Click at your own risk... This post is definitely NOT dial-up friendly!

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