August 20th, 2007


help! colors!

I've never tried a lolita outfit before, and I like all sorts of fashion, so I thought that I would try making a one. I researched a bunch and the fact that I didn't find many qi-lolita outfits inspired me to make one. I'm working on developing a portfolio for theatre costume design and so this outfit is a perfect example of research on fashions and then on creating an outfit from a drawing.

Anyway, I have decided to post this design because I want some opinions. I am having some problems deciding on a color scheme, and I would like to have some general opinion about the overall loli-ness of my design. I want to make sure that I am as accurate as possible, and you guys know much more about it than I do. :) Thanks in advance.
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Pink Care Bear

For those of you who hand wash... often do you do so? I tend to wash blouses after about 3 wears, more (5ish) in the winter, and usually every 3 wears in the summer. That more depends on how sweaty I get.

JSKs and skirts I usually wash every 3-4 and sometimes if I don't have any time on my hands, 5 wears. Things that touch bare skin tend to get washed more often. Socks definitely get washed after every wear! Otherwise, YUCK!

So Lolitas- Next time you have a question, and you're embarrassed to post and ask- just get over it and ask. You know other people are probably wondering the same thing.
Kira Imai caramel sexy

Can you steam lace?

I'm a bit uncertain about this because I've never had a dress like this before...I bought a BTSSB dress recently and sent it to the cleaners.  When it came back, the lace on the bodice and hems had gotten a bit crinkled.  The lace is made of cotton, I believe, and is simple in design and mimics crochet.  The dress itself is cream velvet.

Question 1:  If I steam the lace, will the steam affect the pile on the velvet? (I know how susceptible velvet is to waterstains.)

Question 2:  If it is okay to steam, how do I manage to hold the lace taut without burning myself with the steamer? (I haven't figured out as yet how to do this with ordinary dresses even!)

Thanks in advance!
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down the rabbit hole
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image request please!

i'm helping out with a Lolita panel in just a few weeks.
last time i did a similar panel, i had a LOT of the attendees freak out over "omg non japanese people wear these clothes" and "i don't think i can wear lolita because *insert flaw here*" and so on.

SO (getting to the point)
for this panel, instead of taking pictures from the G&LB, i'd like to showcase pictures of EGL members sportin the frills. and i'd much rather ask than just gank images from anywhere :x

looking for people wearing the following styles:
- gothic
- sweet
- classic
- punk
- aristocrat
- boystyle

it is preferred that the images are good quality, display the outfit clearly, large (if possible), and with a simple background (if possible).

any contributions are much appreciated ♥
thank you!!
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Yes, another cleaning question...

So, since everyone is asking questions about cleaning, I have a somewhat embarrassing question to ask. I have an issue with sweating a little more than most, but the worst part is sometimes with my regular clothes, especially lighter colored clothes, I get sweat stains even when I wash them very well and regularly. Does anyone have any tips on how to prevent or treat this? I really want to keep my brand clothes as nice as I can for as long as possible.

Coat question.

Has anyone bought a coat from Miwitch before? I know people have bought skirts, dresses etc. but I was wondering how well their coats are made and if they are warm (I get cold rather easily and I want to prepare before 30 degree weather sets in). Also I was wondering how their coats are compared to Fanplusfriend. I have searched the memories and did that ljseek thing, but nothing really came up. Thanks!

p.s first post W00t
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(no subject)

hey, I was in kinokuniya nyc a while back and I remember seeing a movie that I was really interested in but now I totally forgot the name. I beleive it was about a derelict boy who was filming a reality tv show? on the streets of tokyo with a mentally unbalanced friend of his who was into gothic lolita. This sound familur to anyone in anyway?
sby, famiko

Brown Socks ??

bit of an odd question here, but are there any brands who make brown socks?
either plain knee ones/patterned/with sock topper.

or.... *winces* is it an ok idea to dye white or antique socks to get them brown?

tips/advice and links please ^_^

And thanks in Advance.
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sby, famiko

duck socks...

Ok i really don't mean to spam this community with socks, but I just came across these
when treesdancealone said that Target had some brown knee-highs.
But this pair are ADORABLE!!!! enough to make you impulsively bleed. heh.
they kind of remind me of a pair of Angelic Pretty socks. but still. for $8 I dont think you can go wrong.
Two devils

Pet peeves

What is your top lolita related peeve, and what is your biggest peeve outside of lolita?

My own:

Loli:  Free-size.  Unless you're talking about the thigh measurements of a full-circle skirt, they it's not size-free!
Non loli:  People who wear sun glasses indoors.

(no subject)

Ok, I have a thing for cherries and I'm in love with this skirt.

What style blouse would look best with it? Or more specifically, which ITS blouse would look best?

Annnnd I'll want to make a head-bow to go with it - any idea where I can get some cherries for it?

Much thanks ^^