August 19th, 2007

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Has anyone here bought any lolita items off of Yahoo! Singapore Auctions?
If so please tell me about your experience - I'm considering buying a few things and would like to hear back from any lolis who have had experience in the field.

Thank you in advance.

Nitomea - Hitsugi1

Calling all Chinese Lolita fans

Hello everyone.

I think i might have a problem. I'm leaving for China in September (more precisely on the 6th) and i'm going to live there for 10 whole months. I do not know anyone in northern China and it seems that almost all the Chinese lolitas here are in the south.
So what i am asking is:
-Is there anyone here who lives in the north? (especially Tianjin/Beijing area because i'm going to live there)
-Are there any stores there that sell those chinese-made shoes we all know about, clothes, accessories etc?
-Are there any events where one can wear lolita clothes, like conventions or meetups?

I'm really lost and i am really afraid to lose my interest in egl for not being able to wear it, talk about it, etc... I'm leaving all my things at home and plan to start buying there again. I just can't take anything with me.
So if you know someone or you know someone who might be able to answer please, help.

Here's my email: harunamasaki @ hotmail . com

*i hope this is appropriate*
louise belcher

Circular Headpieces

Okay, this isn't an introduction post, but hellohello, I'm rather new-- No, I'm sorry, I'm completely new to this community.. Well, technically. But I've been lurking around for ages and have only decided to join now, because I had a lot of questions in mind but I was too shy to ask. Haha, I fail.

Anywho, I'm sorry if this is inappropriate or stupid or if this has been asked before, but does anyone know how to make these kinds of headdresses? Could you please tell me how they're done or provide a pattern of sorts? Thank you in advance and I apologize again.

From.. Uh. Angelic Pretty or BTSSB. I forget. I'm sorry. XD

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I'm sorry, and I haven't quite gotten how people make lace strips go around edges. I'm new at sewing and don't have a sewing machine. XD (And if this is in the wrong community, please tell me. @_@! Eep.)
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Takuya Angel & Etc?

Photo Request!
I'd like to add some life to the takuya_angel community. I was going to make a post filled with images from Takuya Angel, Qutie Frash, Gouk, and other asian inspired (gothic and) lolita fashions. But, I realized that I've barely saved any photos from these brands!
If you have any, could you please post images of outfits or specific items that are asian themed? I'd also like to repost them in the previously mentioned community, if you don't mind.
Thanks for reading~
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FanplusFriend VS. In The Starlight SKIRTS.

The skirts I was looking at would be ABOUT the same price, but I was wondering about material and quality. I'm a new Lolita BUYER but have studied Lolita for very long! I've currently got a dress being sewn from F+F, and so far I'm just nervous. ^__^'' 

Does anyone have a skirt from both F+F and In The Starlight (Oh, I bet you do!) and can compare-contrast?


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My first post in EGL & my pink gingham bow.

I've never actually posted anything here. So this is my first post in EGL.

And on this first post of mine, I will show everyone my crappy not-so-loli pink gingham bow. The photos are under the cut. There are 4 pictures.

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Then today I made another bow.  smaller one for my doll. But I'll wear it too! XD So that's it for my first post. :D Next time I might make a different kind of loli hair accessory.
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Thank you! :)

As some of you may remember, two months ago here in this community the idea came to life for the world's first English-language print magazine for Lolitas.

After a lot of hard work, we are very happy and proud to say the first issue of La Vie En Rose is now out!

Thank you all here in EGL for your support, your ideas, and your contributions. We couldn't have done it without you, and we hope you'll join us and support us for this issue and many more. :)

(If you'd like more information about the magazine or how to contribute to it, please visit our site at Thank you for reading!)

Meta velveteen picture request

Does anyone have any stock photos of the dress in the below picture? Pictures of other dresses from the same line (think it was Meta's autumn/winter for 2005) would also be welcomed and appreciated, as well as pretty much anything from any brand that is made out of velveteen.

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