August 18th, 2007

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I was curious as to what brand makes up the majority of your wardrobe (homemade/indie counts)?
I was looking at my wardrobe and I think it's a tie between Black Peace Now, Atelier Boz, BTSSB and h.Naoto.

Cultural lolitas?

This is just a simple ramble that I literally JUST thought about. :b If this needs to be cut, I'll gladly do it.

Okay, so... It's 5:00 AM, and I'm making pasta while going through EGL [...what, can I not take my laptop in the kitchen?] when it hit me; How come you always put France with lolita? I mean, from what I can remember... even BEFORE the BtSSB store opened in Paris, people always kinda put them together. I just kinda got a mental image of an Italian lolita [and forgive me if I'm wrong, I'm not Italian myself as far as I know and I've never been to Italy XD] sitting on the deck of some fancy-schamncy restaurant, while perhaps...eating...pasta XD I think of gorgeous hime hair [as the new image on the website shows :D] and a simple dress with a sweetheart neckline, perhaps that one MM classic dress that everyone knows and loves... and not chunky cute lolita shoes, but perhaps a more refined heel that's still sweet enough to match her outfit. And some reaaaal cute sheer hose, like [FORGIVE ME EGL, FOR I HAVE SINNED] !! <3
...You get what I'm sayin', right?

Does anyone else have any ideas for stuff like this? I remember Carnet-blahblahblah [the mod we all know and love, and I suck at LJ skills so forgive me XD] did all the "unique lolita" things, such as glasses, dark skin, tats, etc... but has anyone ever ventured for a cultural lolita other than wa-loli and the very VERY understated qi-loli? I'd love to see results.

Comments and ideas are highly encouraged, as... well, I'm really curious. >:3
gothic lolita

I love BtSSB...I hate getting older!

Ohaiyo Gozaimasu Lolita's
I would like an honest opinion on my new BtSSB jsk

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WOW...I did not think I would get so many responces.
Thank you ALL for the wonderful compliments.
I actually was hoping for more bad comments so I could sell it and not feel sad about it but, 
(^O^) I guess I will keep it (^O^)
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off brand lolita/lolitable purses

I don't think this is really a WTB post, but if it is, I'll delete it.

After digging through the memories and LJ seek, I still haven't found a good site to find a lolita purse for my wardrobe besides brand, which is too expensive for me at the moment. I'm trying hard to be a budget loli right now, but I'm having trouble finding a purse in my town, so I was wondering if any lolitas who carry off brand purses would show them and/or maybe recommend a store, online or in the US, which would carry some cute, affordable purses.

Question regarding to sold out Baby items.

Oh well .____. I just love some of the stuff there but it seems the things i like always go out of stock. T___T;;; I heard that there is a way of pre-ordering things but i do not know how to go about it. >w<;;;

I hope some more experience lolitas can help me in this... i seriously need to get a Princess Tiara for a tea party T____T;;;

Thanks!! ^^;


So I know there's a tea party on Sunday, but what other loli events, meetups, or panels are there usually?  This might be too early to ask but this will be my first year at this convention so I just wanted to see what else I should expect going up there - always gotta be prepared!
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I love those little crochet fruits brands put on accessories but I haven't found them anywhere stateside (...if you have, let me know where to get 'em!) but I was at Daiso today and they had these little crochet strawberry hair ties:

They're pretty cute as-is or you can cut the elastic, add a stem, and dangle them from a hairbow (I plan to get another pair to do this ^^) They come in red or pink and cost $1.50. Just thought I'd let you know in case someone's been looking for them as fruitlessly (lol) as I have been.

Lolita style but not lolita pattern?

Well I was woundering.. does anyone have anything thats say.. a skirt thats the typical lolita style, the frills, lace 'bell' shape and everything.. but isn't really... lolita in colour or pattern?

I've seen a lolita style dress on ebay before but the pattern was something like.. my little pony..

Is something still considerd lolita if it's got all the right shape and style but the patterns way off? or would that be good for a casual lolita look?

I ask this cus I found some pretty geeky/retro fabric at home and wanted to make a 'typical' lolita skirt out of and also a T-shirt that I'd love to make a cutsew out of..

advice and views?