August 17th, 2007

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opinion: brand bags

Hi! I've been looking at some brand bags that I could possibly use for school and mostly everyday, regardless of what I'm wearing and stumbled upon these two:


angelic pretty school series

But I'd like to know your opinions regarding size, durability, how much weight and strain each can take, how waterproof they are (if it ever rains xP), and how long they should last.

Also, any other recommendations could be helpful :D


Baby, can I ever trust you again?

Edit: Thank you for the answers! ^^ So I complained yesterday and received their answer today. First Baby just said I had to HIDE the mistake with the extra collar that came with the dress. So I e-mailed them again and said I can't hide THEIR mistakes (and besides, the extra collar doesn't fit since the collar of the dress is so defective) and the collar isn't in the middle of the dress (I can't actually hide THAT). I guess they looked the pictures again because then they said they were really sorry. They let me change my dress to new one and they promised to send a gift, too.

Today I finally got my first brand piece, this dress from BTSSB's sale. However, I noticed something was wrong with the collar area... D:

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BTSSB bunny and angel wing ring (try saying that 3 times fast)

I just recently went out to the BTSSB store in Amemura (in Osaka) and snapped up my bunny ring!! Just thought I'd show it off a little, as I am totally ecstatic about it!!! (ignore my ugly crinkly hands.. yuk!)

Something I didn't notice before buying is that this ring is part of the Nana Kitade btssb line! if you look on the bunny ear you can see "nana" scrawled in it.

(if you click the picture you can see a slightly bigger version of it)

It's really nice, and made of a heavy metal. The rings are adjustable too! There's a clear rhinestone in the middle of the bunnys bow and on the right side of the angel wings =D

I'm a very happy girrrrrrrrrrl....!
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Okay let me preface this by admitting my retardance. >_< I'm sorry to add to the flood of stupid questions about recent posts without looking (though I swear I looked!)

There was a post here a few days ago where a girl bought ... uh, DDRH shoes from a website, and I can't remember for the life of me what/where it was. But I can describe the website's layout!

It was black with white text, and the layout was kind of like a blog, and you could leave comments, and click on 'tags' on the left to jump to other areas of her sales posts.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?

I'm sorry, I really looked for it, I tried, but I'm oblivious (and also I'm about to be late for work by sitting here searching for this site, and then posting about it)

thank youuuuuuuuu in advance. x_x
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shopping services


okay, I want to order from putumayo. :) what is the best shopping service to use? I know posts like this come up a lot but I'd like most current opinions/feedback please. I'm in the UK if that makes a difference

thankyou. :)