August 16th, 2007

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In a BABY skirt?!

Here is the link:

Cotton 100%
Polyester 100%
Nylon 100%

This sort of scares me, nylon doesn't sound pleasant.  Do any of you own the skirt, or perhaps know which part is which?  The OP I just bought has a polyester lining, which of course is not visible.  That would not bother me if it were the case for this skirt as well, but what part is the nylon?  Thank you! ^_^
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style question

Do you suppose it would be a horrible gaffe to wear a pink (gingham) skirt with a black turtleneck, and antique white socks?  On one hand, matching sock color with the shirt seems a little too much.  If the antique white socks were fairly simple, and matched with off-white shoes, perhaps it wouldn't be so bad?  Would the eyes be focused on the sweater - allowing the matching socks and shoes to sort of fade away?

Any opinions?

The skirt I am matching with.  And then two sock ideas; I don't have any pictures of the shoes but they are antique white color.  The black turtleneck is your average woman's turtleneck.

Couldn't sort the images, so I've got to give you links. The socks I am thinking of are the black x black or antique white ones, matching with that skirt. Thanks for opinions. ^.^

Btssb Paris Window print OP?

You know that awesome print Baby just released? The one wich everybody loves? (...well ok, not everybody)

Yeah, that one.

Well most of you probably know that the skirt has already hit the stores and the website, and that the two JSKs are available for preorders and will be delivered at the end of August.

But some wondered about the OP.
There is going to be one according to several of Baby's blogs, it's just not entirely designed yet.

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Which shoes to choose?

I was wondering about shoes: the brand ones I have seen so far do not appeal to me at all, being either too childish or clunky for my tastes. What are your thoughts on wearing Repetto shoes and the like?

For those who don't know, Repetto is a maker of ballet shoes who in recent years has expanded to other types of shoes, all dance inspired.
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Where to buy

Someone might remember how I earlier inquired info on Gosurori magazine and what the different issues are about, and now I have another question regarding that subject. I'm finally on my trip, and I've been roaming around bookstores in Tokyo, but I can't find Gosurori anywhere. I've been asking and asking but all the stores only have a couple of issues of the Bible, and I don't want that.
Anyone know where they'd sell Gosuroris?

Also I'd be more than delighted if anyone could advise any good fabric/craftstores, preferellably around Tobu-Tojo and JR Yamanote lines, and not futher than Tokyo. I haven't been able to spot any though we've been cruising the small sidestreets also in many places :/
Thank you very much for your help!
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What sort of skirt can you wear with a sailor top like this?  I would buy this shirt in pink, because I look bad in white >.<;; and the black one isnt cute enough. D:  But I mean, style-wise, what kinds of skirt works with a shirt like that?  Like, a bustle and and pannier skirt would look weird I think, like it was clashing too much.  So what skirts do you all wear with a sailor top?

Thanks for suggestions. ^^;;
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Fat Calves

So, I just got some nice knee high boots off of eBay. They were cheap, the quality is nice, but they are a far cry from fitting my 17" calves. I almost broke the zipper by wrestling it halfway up. If the seller doesn't take returns I'll probably have to sell them on the sales comm.

My question is, what brands (japanese lolita brands or not) sell shoes that can fit larger calves? For example, are there any websites that sell loliable boots that would fit?
Also, if you know about a lolita brand that makes especially small-calved shoes, please let me know so I can avoid even bothering with them.

I have looked in the memories and used the search tool but I've only come up with questions about thick calves and socks.

translation of a newspaper article

I was interviewed from a woman from the daily newspaper  "Die Presse" ( about gothic lolita and the gothic lolita exhibition. I wanted to share it with you and try to translate the article. it's a short one, but I think it's a good article! Excuse my bad English skills... :( on the picture you can see our cute gosplmary)

They also wrote a LONGER online article with a lot of pictures and more information, I want to translate it later when I have more time.
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anyone going to matsuricon in dublin, OH, on September 7-9? I didn't see any lolita panels on the forums, so I was just wondering if there are going to be any, or if any lolitas wanna meet up on saturday or sunday.

REMINDER: Santa Monica meetup!

Just as a reminder, there is a meetup in Santa Monica tomorrow at 1:30! For those attending, see you there (don't forget your [optional] skates)! Those who are unsure, hope to see you there. :3

To clarify where we're meeting, I mean to say that we're meeting at the entrance of the actual pier. Which technically isn't the entrance, but it's the area where the concrete ends and the wooden boards begin. For ease, meet in the general area of the Coffee Bean by the entrance of Pacific Park?

Got Lolita?

Hello! I've just made a new community, got_lolita & I would like to invite everyone to join!

This is a community for lolitas to show off their newest purchases, their wishlists, & items they have just bought, as well as lolita items they are working on making themsleves.
There are rules on the userinfo page, please look over them before you post! (And don't be afraid to join even if you have nothing to show yet! Everyone is welcome!)
We hope to see lots of your loveley purchaces & projects in the near future! :3

The got_lolita members welcome you!

Mod approved by carnet_atelier !
Rilakkuma Writing

Hair cut ideas?

Hi guys. I was wondering if you have any ideas for hair cuts with my kind of hair. It's medium length, but it's a bit wavy at the bottom. I would like something easy to manage but I'm not sure what. I want something that would look good with sweet lolita since I wear that more.
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G&L Bible (urgent)


My friend is right now on Harajuku in Japan and we would like to know where you can buy gothic&lolita bibles? She has looked all over especially in lolita stores but they sell only garmets. It's a surprise that g&l bibles are so hard to find in Harajuku. How about book stores?

If there is anyone who could help and give a hint where to buy a bible it would be great!