August 15th, 2007

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sewing question - about lining

I have a question for all the seamstresses out there.

How important is lining on a skirt, and how important is it that it be lining satin, the standard fabric for lining clothing? I know very little about the actual technical mechanics of fashion design and sewing...I can make some things quite well, but I'm quite unlearned when it comes to the whats and whys.

I've never lined anything, and I have several brand skirts that are unlined, but I get the feeling that lining is supposed to make something better/higher quality - why is this? And why is lining always satin? Is there a reason for it? I expect there is, and I would love to know why.

I assume that lining is more important when it comes to dresses or jsks, but I'd love any information about this as well.

Basically, any basic information about lining would be very very appreciated. Sorry for a rather newbie question! Thanks so much! <3
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(no subject)

Does anyone here have a subscription to Kera, the Gothic & Lolita Bible, or any other loli magazine(s)?

If so, do you go through a website or a particular shopping service? Links and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

double decker sandals

sorry if this has been posted before, but i haven't been on in a while and i sorta looked but i'm too lazy to go too far back.  anyway, i was wondering if anyone has the double decker sandals and if they are comfortable and if they look good.  thanks to anyone who answers.  and again, i'm sorry if this has been asked a million times already.


I think I saw a thread before asking this question. But has anyone sewn tulle to the inside of a dress instead of doing a petti, kinda like a built in on? My reason for asking is cause the hobby lobby up the street is having a sale on it
and if it really works, then I'd love to get some now. So anyone, does it work? No? ^^

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New Header Art~

[EDITED on May 28, 2009]

Hello! If you are interested in submitting artwork to be used in the layouts of egl and egl_comm_sales, please read on!

All members are free to submit their own artwork of our mascot, Sophie, to be featured in the header image on a monthly rotation. The only requirements are that she is to have honey-brown hair and brown eyes- everything else is up to you to choose ^__^ There is no deadline, so feel free to email me at any time at emiko42 *AT* with your artwork, LJ User name, and a website link (it's ok if you don't have one, just let me know where to give you credit!)~

I would prefer artwork to be on a white background or no backgroun, if you wish to send a .psd file that would be great! There is no size requirement, but your submission should be at least 250px tall, please.

Feel free to send in any 'style', anime, realistic, 3D, collage, etc... Just make sure it's on a white background. You can dress dear Sophie in any style or theme- sweet, gothic, sailor, kodona, etc. I'd definitely love to see any themed outfits, for Fall or Winter, or something with a 'shopping' theme to be showcased on egl_comm_sales... We will appreciate any artwork to keep egl looking fresh <3

Thank you!
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Lolita at a formal wedding

So... I'm attending a wedding in October and I just recently found out it was suppose to be formal-dress only.  o.O  So now I definitely have to rethink the whole simple casual lolita idea I had in my mind.  Anyway, I was wondering if any of you girls have ever gone to a formal wedding or general formal event in loli and/or had any ideas/tips of what I could wear?  Pictures would be great, since I'm seriously considering commissioning if I must.

I &lt;3 TLV

(no subject)

I'm not sure if this post is appropriate, but I have a dress that I'd like to alter in some way to better fit gothic lolita fashion. A friend actually found this dress for me in an abandoned house over 5 years ago, and it miraculously fit!

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And here's some photos from the nova_lolitas meet-up this afternoon ^_^
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Picture Request

Haha, sorry about making the much-dreaded picture request post, but it's been bugging me for a long time. xD I was wondering if anyone has pictures of the cutsew made by Putumayo a while ago, the Alice Hookah print. More specifically, the image on the screenprint is what I'm looking for.

Thanks in advance~!

Looking for Comfort...

What is your most comfortable pair of lolita shoes?
Your least comfortable*?

I've been realizing that most of my current lolita shoes aren't comfortable. So, I'm starting to look for lolita shoes that *are* comfortable.
I'm not looking for suggestions of, "go to Payless and find a pair." or, "buy a pair of cushioned inserts". I'm interested in hearing what specific shoes are the most and the least comfortable for you.

Maybe this post can help others as well! ^_^

*This does NOT include shoes that aren't the right size! :P
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BTSSB Ordering Question

I sent in an order a few days ago and just received an order confirmation. When I went to paypal to pay I realized I had typo-ed one of the item numbers in the original email I had sent. I just emailed them about it but am a little worried. Will Baby's let me change it to the right item number? Has anyone done this before?
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