August 14th, 2007

Royal themed lolita!

I'm working on a royal lolita/dandy themed art piece but I need some references. I have a couple of old GLB's around with one or two inspirations, but if any of you have some images of this sort, please post or link to them here! Thanks for your help ^_^

Keep it spooky,
Rainbow Blight

really quick questions

1. Has anyone ever gotten a coat from ling_lam? >link<

2. Have any of Novala's other novels ever gotten translated into english?

3. does anyone have the link of a japanese watercolor artist  that was posted here a few months ago?
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LA Weekly

Show me cutsews!!!

hey there party people (or lolita gals and gents) I'm going to commission a cutsew or 2 (or 3,4,5) and I want to see any stock photos of cutsews people have saved!
I'll state by sharing the ones I like in the current collections (IE photos online)
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Lolita Newbie

Please forgive me for my ignorance in advance. I am what you would call the ultimate newbie when it comes to living Lolita. I love the clothes, but, seeing as I'm a six foot tall, penniless Westerner, I don't having much chance of ever obtaining them. So, I was wondering, in what ways can one be a Lolita, but still dress in jeans and a t-shirt? Are there any particular styles of wearing your hair, or doing your makeup, for example, that can do to distinguish yourself as a Lolita without dressing like one? Any advice on this subject is very much welcome!
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pink princess

Help please!

This is the saga.

On June 16th I put in a BABY order for about $550 worth of items. However they had such a mess getting back to me [five weeks without contact, as I waited with baited breath] that five weeks later I was out of town without Internet access. When I returned two weeks after that, they say that my order had been automatically canceled. Which by then, the clothes I wanted were out of season anyway (summer clothes). Fast forward to this August, today. I ordered a parasol, tote bag and fukuburo from them. They say they cannot accept my business because of the previous cancellation. Which they issued. And honestly, I desperately want this fukuburo ;-; any suggestions? should I explain this to them? I am quite fed up.


They have no trouble reaching me because I've received three consecutive emails from them. Their answer:

This is our policy. Please order next month.
Sux 2 B U!!1!!!!one!

moral: don't piss off BABY. they have extreme loli powers.

zomg YAY!

I have mermaids!

and they FIT. Only problem is they fit like a normal skirt as the elastic has expanded the ruffles ALOT to fit over my rather *ahem* wide hips. Also to make it not mini skirt I have to wear it fairly low.
I don't really mind as it still looks good and this print is Lovely. Thank you again M for your spending than selling habits. You give so much back to the community this way. *cough*
Anyways I am gleeful to have something I could wear to work on saturdays and out for dinner with my Mom without totaly making her want to disapear. XD;; I try to be nice to her, she's an awsome Mom just not as outgoing as I am.

Anyways enough babbling and to the question! Can you ladies think of ways to co-ordinate this to make it more obviously lolita? Classic mind you. I try to steer away from sweet stuff.

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EGA Picnic 5/09

Currency question for Rose Chocolat

If this is inappropriate, please delete.

I did a search and didn't find an answer that helped.  This is sort of a stupid question, but are the prices listed on Rose Chocolat's website in USD?  I know they use the Won, but many other countries use the dollar too.  I looked on their website to find this out and couldn't find it (or missed it).  I've never bought from them or any other international brand company.


EDIT:  Answer received.  Thank you!


I recently ordered from Celga, and I was wondering, what have been your past experiences with this company? This is my first time ordering, so I'm a little nervous about my order(i spent two months paychecks in one order).

Ehehe...Wardrobe Post...

I'm sure I forgot some stuff because I've been packing to go back to school and fixing up some stuff (broken zippers, etc.), but here it is. I didn't realize I had so little sweet stuff. o_o Keep in mind I suck at taking pictures of clothes lol.

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Help me please!

Hi. I have a problem; I bought shoes in Momo's Handicrafts Store;

I bought the shoes on June 20th in Ebay and I don't received it yet. I have written to her several e-mails, but she always said to me that she would send it in 7-10 days. Today still I am expected.
Do you bought sometimes in that store? Do you have bad experiences?
Do you suggest to me requests to him that she gives back the money?

Thx you a lot for the help!
(and sorry for my english!)
faster pussycat!

rhymes with orange

when i was little, my favorite color was orange. it's not anymore, but it doesn't stop me from loving creamsicle and melon tones. lolita clothes, on the other hand, don't, and it's kind of disappointing when you think about it.

colors like black, white, and pink are pretty obvious loli colors, with blues, reds, and rare greens following it up. i've seen occasional purples (lilac/lavenders, mostly) and sometimes yellows too, but not really orange... ever. i suppose it's not the dantiest of colors -- i think a bright orange dress would emulate a lacy traffic cone more than anything -- but how about the soft, almost buttery shades of orange?


Hi :D I'm Kitty, I wear mostly gothloli-style stuff...I saw this comm only a couple weeks ago and thought "hey, they can help me out."

I'm 5'6" and I'd rather not be any taller (yes, I'm aware this is average-ish height >.>), so I wear Mary Janes instead of huge platforms. I haven't been able to find too many that are comfy, does anybody know where I can find comfy Mary Janes for skinny feet?
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for those sewing for fall/winter: free caplet pattern

I was surfing ze nets and found the wonderful site of Burda Pattern Company, and to my suprise they have free downloadible patterns! The link below is for a Capelet, small hand bag and an a-line dress. I know the dress is not loli ( but it's still nice anyway ^_^) but the capelet is lovely and to me is kind of a hard pattern to come by and would look wonderful in the fall and winter.,1333669-1413206-1475414,enEN.html