August 13th, 2007

Need Advice...Movelita

I know there are entries on packing a few lolita things, but I have a biiigger question and would like advice from egl.

I will be moving to Washington next month from Alaska (yay washington+oregon lolitas!). I plan on bringing alllll of my lolita stuff with me and 98% of it is brand. I really don't want to risk losing any of it (since it's been so hard for me to accumulate some things I have + it's expensive duh), so I'm trying to figure out the most efficient way to get all of it there.

1) I was considering bringing it in a carry on with me or finding some way for me to bring it on the plane so I am always aware of it at all times, but I don't think that'll happen now 'cause my collection is growing a bit large (8 jsks/op, 2 blouses, bunny-ear mantle, etc.).
2) Another option I considered was mailing it to myself down there and extra insuring it, but I don't know if I could even risk that. I've never had anything valuable go missing in the mail, but I don't know if I could trust the post service not to get something spilled on it.
3) And probably my last choice of all would be packing it in a suitcase...I've had stuff go missing for like a week or more, and there is nooo way I am going to possibly allow that to happen--even if it is a non-stop flight.

How would you go about moving all your stuff with you? Of the three what would you pick? Or do you think there's a better way it could be done?

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Except driving through Canada is not an option lol.
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Parasol Dimensions

This seems like an odd request I am sure but would anyone be willing to take measurements of their brand parasols for me? Any brand will do, and i'm fine with multiple answers (Especially if they are different brands/dimensions from the other persons answer). I would like the length, and the width of the parasol portion in diameter.
By nyappy_nana

Epic NYC Meetup - Sunday

Ugh ;___;. My friends & I were the really late lolitas D:. We came w/ Ai around 3-ish or so because of traffic & getting lost D:.

LOL, and soon after we were also part of the peeps who were doing the hand games and dancing in Chelsea market XD.

And soon after that, we had to leave after walking all the way to the subway stop, which sucked & I regret ;-;.

But despite that, I managed to take a few pics ^^. And my other 2 friends in the photos have more (trust me XD with everyone else too...I only got my group since I was fooling around at Chelsea too much xDD)

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So that's all for now ^^. Hope you guys like them :D.
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EGA Picnic 5/09

Last Reminder for NE OH Tea Meet-Up 8/18

Hello Everyone,
I have made reservations for 4 at Clementine's in Olmsted Falls, OH on Saturday August 18 at 2 pm.  I currently have 3 people going.  If you definitely want to go, please let me know asap so I can alter the reservation (if need be).  The reservation will be under Heather.  This location will also be having their Heritage Days event so there should be some other fun things to see & do.  Please note Clementine's doesn't have High Tea unless you have a large amount of people.  They do serve Tea for One.  This generally consists of a pot of tea (your choice of tea), a scone w/strawberry jam & devon cream and fruit.  They also have a case full of other sweet goodies.  Later on I plan to drop by the winery my hubby works at to say hi, it's nearby so if you want to accompany me, feel free to do so.  Please let me know if you need more information and/or directions.

Here's the website for Grand Pacific Junction (where Clementine's is located):

sby, famiko

Brighton Lolita Meet Reminder: 25th August

A reminder for this meet, and for any new guests to come along.

when: 25th August

Where: Queens Park, Brighton (UK) - By the Clocktower -

Time: 2pm onwards

This will be a picnic/tea party. My friend cloud lives near by, so hot water is a few minutes
away, however, if anyone has a large thermos or something similar that doesnt need plugging in,
I would appreciate it if you could lend it for the meet.

I ask everyone attending to bring a small something. Depending on how many guests there are of course.
I will be bringing teapots, mini biscuits and a homemade cupcakes and the blankets for us.
So essentials are: sandwiches, tea (2-3 varieties if one person can bring this please?), cake etc. and the
hot water container i mentioned. I will also supply plates and cutlery, and sugar/milk/lemon for tea.

So - let's get this list sorted out and what you can bring

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Sparkle Klaus.

New UK loli community.

Approved by carnet_atelier.

If you're a lolita and live in or are visiting the UK, then come and join uk_lolitas, a new community focusing on lolita fashion in Britain.

We hope to provide a different perspective to the existing community, rather than a replacement.

Please join and post your photoshoots, meetup information, loliable finds in UK shops, and anything else you think might benifit the community :3.  Please, come along and introduce yourself.

uk_lolitas uk_lolitas uk_lolitas uk_lolitas uk_lolitas

< / pimpery >
Kira Imai caramel sexy

My first Lolita outfit

Hello!  I'm new to Lolita fashion, so I'd like to share with you my first effort.  I have no branded Lolita clothing, but I very much like the looks from Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Victorian Maiden and Metamorphose Temps de Fille.  I'm looking out for Lolitas in my area (Vancouver, Canada), so please drop a line to say hello if you live nearby.

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Photo Post!

So, a couple of us got together in the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens and the Japanese Gardens for pictures. We only managed an hour or so before the heat (101 degrees!!!) became too much and we headed to the cafe, where, unfortunately, the pictures stopped, but we got some really good ones in the gardens! Enjoy!

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(no subject)

Hello everyone! I'm not new to Gothic & Lolita but just recently I've been trying to build my wardrobe. This weekend I'm taking a trip to NYC and planned on going to Kinokuniya to buy some BTSSB. However, I searched the community and found that this post said there wasn't really anything there. And just today I called them asking if they would have clothes there this weekend. The man on the phone said no, and that they wouldn't be getting anymore because it's too expensive :/

I absolutely don't want to be a spammer, but I had to see if anyone else new anything about this. I was really looking forward to to going ;___; oh well I can still buy a few bibles...

Sorry Sorry Sorry if I break any rules with this post or annoy anyone!
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(no subject)

I'm trying to scope out interest in a mass meet-up in the UK; this is not restricted to UK residents by any means, so if you'd be interested in visiting the country and meeting other lolitas while you're here then head on over to this poll to get your say in!
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[photo request] Metamorphose 2007 Lucky pack op

I've seen several users wearing this op but it must have been a loong time. Could you share your photos wearing the op in every color?
I think it's pretty and i'd like to convince a friend to keep hers.
I liked seeing everyone in it, for real. It's a lot more flattering than the ops i have in that style.

Thank you ^_^;
  • nana007

YO! ATL Lolitas

A meet up Idea. So I was searching the internet and I found this Karaoke Bar that has private boxes and has songs in seven different languages. after finding this site the first thought that popped into my head was that this will be a fun meet up. Especially considering how I am new to Atlanta I could possibly make some lolita friends.

Sounds Fun? Aye or Nay.
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Question about Baby JSK

So I was wondering if anyone owns a shirred jsk from Baby? Its says that the bust measurement is that what the maximum fit is or does it stretch bigger than that? I wouldn't want to order it and discover it won't fit me, so I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me if it would fit a 44 in. bust?? Thanks in advance! ^.^

Found. Thank you~

Hello Everyone. I am looking for a bigger image of this dress. It needs to be the same colour and style. So if you have the original stock photo that would be perfect or if you had  a bigger photo of it on a hanger I would love that too. Well thank you for helping.

Cut Your Hair

Photo Request: Short Haired Lolitas

I've been thinking of cutting my hair really short again for the first time in 2-3 years. I've been slowly trying to grow it out so I can curl it and do other neat things, but every attempt I make turns out pretty awful. Back to the manageable short hair, I say!

(My hair looks like this now. Pardon my so not rori short skirt outfit! I'd like to go back to this length.)

I'd love to see photos of you short hairs in Lolita, and any tips you might have. What kind of accessories look best on short hair? I'm guessing head-eating bows are out.
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Demonia Sizing?

Hey Lolis~
I was shoe-shopping for a retro Lolita outfit, and I found these reaallly cute TUK shoes. These to be precise. Anyways, I made the order and a today I got refunded because my size was out of stock. (Damn!) They were the perfect ones, too. I looked and looked everywhere that I knew that sold TUK shoes, and no place sold these specific ones.
I finally looked for some other similar ones, and I found these by Demonia. I actually like these better since it doesn't have the white trim, but I'm really unsure about buying Demonia, especially online, because I've had so many sizing problems. I'm a US8, and I had to find out the hard way that Demonia runs large. Next time I ordered some Demonia maryjanes, I ordered a size 7, but I ended up having to sell them because they were still about half a size too large and thus very hard to walk in. Since then I've skirted around buying Demonia like the plague, but I don't really have the time or the patience to wait for TUK to restock my size, especially since they don't have an option of contacting me when they do.
Well anyways, I was kind of taken aback when I read here on the page saying that these shoes ran small and that I should order a size up! I'd heard from others on here that Demonia ran small, but I always ordered according to personal experience.
So I was wondering, does Demonia maybe run large in certain types of shoes and small in others? Or even better, would anyone have these particular shoes and know if they run large or small?
Thank you!
Tigger &amp; Rabbit

Pictures of some Sweet Punk Loli!

Hello there lolitas,

Hopefully some of you can help me out. I'm looking for examples of sweet punk lolita; I know somebody made a thread about this a few months ago, but I can't find on the memories. Anyone have any good pictures of this elusive style? I'm trying to get some ideas for a new outfit and need some inspiration...