August 12th, 2007

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Hello lolitas!

I'm gonna warn all of you here at egl right now: you're probably going to see a lot of photo posts from our meetup today. We had a bigger turnout than I ever could have imagined: about 30-40 people must have shown up all at once! I have a few pictures here, so allow me to share them with you until everyone else posts their more awesome meetup pics!
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Question answered! Thanks!! XDD

Hi all!

Does anyone have any idea if any brand made a cardigan with a pumpkin carriage or something of the like before? I clearly remember seeing one for sale on Y!JA sometime back, but it seems to have mysteriously disappeared from the face of the internet. D:

I now suspect it might have been a figment of my imagination, but... I refuse to admit I'm going crazy! That, and it really was a nice cardigan. :3

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As much as I'm enjoying seeing photos so soon

If you went to the epic meetup and took photos, please refrain from posting moar photos until I get the professional photos from pierraxryuka! Instead, send your photos zipped in original size to cbueno(dot)sanders(at)gmail(dot)com, so that when I get Midori's photos, I can combine them all into a full story (including the information you all wrote down in my little book 8D). There's even going to be video lol!

I hope everyone had fun at our little EPIC meetup! I'm still sooo exhausted haha.
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Waxing about gothic and lolita yet again

(Please, please don't bite my head off. I only want to share my ideas with other people who like to think of lolita as something other than just fashion.)

For a long time I was thinking about how I have a group of friends and acquaintances who are all into lolita, but maybe not everyone here can say the same thing for themselves because they do not personally know anyone who is interested in lolita. As such, our perceptions of lolita ideals and lifestyles are probably different.

What made me think of that were the arguments long ago (which have probably popped up here and there since) about whether or not there is a "lolita lifestyle". This recent cosplay lolita issue reminded me of that.

I think that whether or not we have friends into these fashions and what kind of friends we have influences how each of us perceives certain aspects of gothic and lolita culture. Nobody's perceptions are 100% correct or incorrect, because no one person can define an entire body of people. One can only make generalizations that are right for some and wrong for others.

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A casual loli day (picture post)

Weeks ago, I went to Hong Kong to visit my parents. My mom and I decided to go to the new (new for me at least) Hong Kong Disneyland. But then we decided to skip the theme park and went to Disney hotel for afternoon tea. Here are some pictures taken by my mom while we were there. I hope you'll enjoy them =)
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FL Meetups

Yes, that's right. I said meetups, plural. lol So basically, a few of us have decided to plan two meetups one is relatively soon and we are also jumping on the bandwagon and planning a weekend stay at a bed and breakfast later in the fall. I'm looking for some input to choose the best dates and plans for everyone.

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blushing makes for a rosy glow

read some of those embarassing stories mailed in by readers of the gothic and lolita bibles.  wondering if anyone else had embarassing lolita-related stories? or even, things about themselves they are embarassed about with regards to lolitaness (like. . . having a really hairy back you find unladylike. or not being able to drink tea because it makes you burp, and your burps are deadly stinky.)

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Sexy smokin Zerick !
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question about Meta skirt

Hi hi !

I just quickly wanted to know if someone could tell me how much the Meta "Gingham Cherry Skirt with Belt" ( ) can stretch ? My waist measurement would actually fits what they said on the website, but what about the stretching to get the hips fit in it first ? ( if that make sense XD ) Is there a zipper or something ?

Thanks for your time !! O.O <3
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~Official California Science Center Lolita Meetup~

When: August 19th, 2007
Where: The California Science Center  {California Science Center: 700 State Drive Los Angeles, CA 90037
Phone: (323) SCIENCE / (323) 724-3623}
Activities- Meetup: 10:00-10:40 [In front of IMAX theater]

Brunch (at rose garden): 10: 40-Noonish (It will be a picnic style setup and you are welcome to bring your own food or purchase from one of the fast food chains around the Center. It will also include picture taking! )

Touring of Center/IMAX movie: There are three movies currently available at the Center: Wired to Win [a biking movie], Deep Sea 3D, and Dinosaurs 3D. We are going to take a vote of the Lolis who are attending which movie we will see.

: Admission [FREE!], Imax [8.00], Food+souvenirs[depends on how much you want to spend]

TOTAL: $8.00

*Dresscode* : Any type of Lolita is allowed as long as it's not COSPLAY >: (

**If you are KNOW that you will be attending please leave your name, some form of contact (aim, msn, phone number), and your vote for the IMAX movie. I hope to see you there ^___^**