August 11th, 2007

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Ok, I need a bit of info from people whom have ordered from them.  I have seen the quality and i think it's amazing.

1.  Should I give my exact measurements or add so many inches for saftey?
2.  Has anyone bought this adorable dress?  Baby doll tea meeting.
3.  If anyone has gotten it, how thick is said thick cotton?
4.  How long do they usually take to arrive from ordering?

That is all.  I just made a trade but it didn't work and I am getting my item back so I am probably going to try and sell it when I get it back and use that money for a F+F dress.  That one of this one.
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~Meta Clothes~

Oh! I'm so excited. My Metamorphose clothes came! I was extremely surprised when I received my clothes, they looked so much better up close then in the pictures. ^__^

**EDIT**: Now includes a picture of me in new meta clothes : D

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I just returned home from the Epic NYC Meetup, and gosh, my feet are like, dead. They have made imprints into each other because of my gorgeous but eventually painful BtSSB boots, but it was sure as hell worth it. A LOT of Lolitas and boystyle/dandies attended this meetup, and I mean it was probably 20-30 people there, the biggest I've ever seen since I started coming on egl. I met so many people, and everyone looked wonderful. <3 I'm really glad I came. It was nice meeting all of you. ♥

Kudos to Carla (ugly_kitties) for being such a good pimp friend and letting me borrow the accessories that made my outfit look delicious ♥ (lolol ice cream jsk, dur), and to my sister Cedelia for doing my hair and making it look nice. ♥

Anyways.. onto the pictures. Sorry they're blurry as hell.

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And also,

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I was debating with my friend [info]aquarius_queen if we should set up a lolita meet-up, and if we were to go threw with this insane idea, it would be most likely held at either 'Madison Sq. Park' (23rd st & Madison av, near broadway) OR 'Union Sq.' (14th st & Union sq.)... most likely union sq.

The plan would be that we would meet at either park and have a mini photo shoot. (nothing too special since we are only minors and sadly poor >_<;) Then walk to the docks near 13th street. It has a very lovely picnic area and nice scenery <33 ^ 3^.

This post is just to see if anyone was interested to join us in our little picnic. >_>... and please if you DO come, bring goodies to share with your fellow lolitas. We'll take care of utensils and such (do not fear, we will supply some goodies as well~!)

Hopefully this will be held the weekend before school starts (Saturday September 1st). A suggested time to arrive would be around 2pm so we could leave the park by 3:30pm. (enough time for the mini-photo shoot xD) The walk is approx. only 30 minute walk at a very SLOW pace without interruptions. ;3 having fun is allowed but please no dramatic scenes during the walk, There is MORE than enough time for that at the docks <3

If any other ideas come into your purty lolita minds please feel free to share :D <333. We are open to any suggestions. The plans will be made more set in stone during sometime next week.





Any questions, feel free to comment or contact us at...

ME - 
         AiM - sangochan1212
A.Q - 
         AiM - alexis13091 

P.S -  Photographer needed ^_^; please contact us for more details


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Lolita RP~

Hey egl~ I usually don’t post here and remain mostly as a lurker, but I figured “hey, I can tell them about this.” So, here I am, tellin’ you guys about it!

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Don't eat me, I fixed it so the image is under the cut.(Christ, everyone is fast here about eating people.)
If this is against the rules, let me know mods, it'll be removed. No problems. :)
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