August 10th, 2007

Loli alterations.

I have a very cute pink skirt bought from a secondhand store that is entirely the wrong shape for lolita! T.T However, the cherry and strawberry print is just too cute to throw away! Any suggestions as to what I could make from the dismantled skirt? or should/could I add extention to the sides? 

<3 Ashuri
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i made a new dress =)

but it's too big for me. i got the pattern from GosuLoli4. i wanted to make this initially to sell it, but i realized when taking pictures of myself in it, it looks like i'm drowning a bit in it. anyways! =) please have a look! Collapse )
Mana Elegance

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I've never posted before on this community, but I guess it's about time I do ^^

There are some new Moi-meme-Moitie replica's on F+F. A coat, pants, dress and a blouse.
To me, they seem a bit awkward O.o Especially the dress.

Anyway, because I can never afford Moitie, I'm thinking about buying the coat. I fell in love with that one from the first time I saw Mana wearing it in the GLB. It's just so gorgeous, and elegant <3 And since I'm going for a more mature look, I think it'll fit perfectly in my closet.

I'd like to hear your opinions about those replica's, or maybe about F+F in general. I've never bought anything from them yet.

I hope this is allowed, because it's more EGA than EGL.


Hey ! Just to clarify I'm new to lolita and have been doing a lot of researching! I have read many posts about people worrying that sizes will be too small, but haven't really heard the opposite.. So my question is: is it possible for a dress to be too big? I know most of them have adjustable bows, but how much can you tighten it before it doesnt look good? Thanks !



Does anyone else in this community read the Bizenghast series? It's an American manga by M. Alice LeGrow and the art and plot are sooo haunting and beautiful (though somewhat hard to accurately describe without making it sound less awesome than it actually is). I bring it up here for several reasons, 1 being that the main character, Dinah, often dresses in gorgeous lolita style outfits and the other since I just found book 3 today and picked it up after having waited for a loong time for it to come out! I'm so excited to have found it after waiting all this time! So anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else out there is a Bizenghast fan? As for me, it's the one of the only reasons I actually ever enter a comic book store! I'm sure the staff at our main local shop knew me as "that weird frilly girl who always comes in asking for the same edition of the same comic that isn't out yet". Hahaha!

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Mary Magdalene questions

Hello ^^
In the afternoon I looked on the MM website and saw the new coats. They looks so wondeful, but aren 't these the same models how last year? O.o
It's every year the same? Because I'm thinking to buy one, but I'm no relly sure that I have enough money immedatley. >.<'''
And another question about the sizing, because normaly MM is more smaller, but when I believe the text one the website, the one coat would fit me. *-* But I'm not sure, because the model is very thin and only 1.58 meter high and it looks perfect on her! X.x Have anyone experience with the MM sizing, or more better special for coat sizing?

Thank you
shocked Mikoto (Puri PuriD)

New Hampshire meetup date CHANGED

All those in New Hampshire, lend me your ear.

I was going to have the NH Lolita meetup on Sunday, but something just came up for me that I can't get out of. So I am changing the date from Sunday August 12th, to Saturday August 18th.

If some of you can make it, it would make it all the more merrier. It's still gonna be at Portsmouth from 2:45 to 4:50 pm. Everyone's gonna meet at the fountain in Market Sq. and we'll go to Popover's for cake, walk around the town and head to the park area near the Seacoast repetoir theatre.

Just RSVP me at my email:

Remember to bring money for cake and gifts, and cameras for pictures (if you can make it).
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~California Science Center Meetup~

My friend and I are hosting a Lolita Meetup  around the 19th or 20th (not a set date yet) at the California Science Center. These are our proposed activites:
Meetup: 10: 00-10:40
Brunch (at rose garden): 10: 40-Noonish (It will be a picnic style setup and you are welcome to bring your own food or purchase from one of the fast food chains around the Center. It will also include picture taking! )
Touring of Center/IMAX movie: There are three movies currently available at the Center: Wired to Win [a biking movie], Deep Sea 3D, and Dinosaurs 3D. We are going to take a vote of the Lolis who are attending which movie we will see.
COST: Admission [FREE!], Imax [8.00], Food+souvenirs[depends on how much you want to spend]
TOTAL: $8.00

We will be ending the meetup around 6:00 ^__^! If you are interested/ KNOW you will attend please post and state your name and instant messaging sn (or other form of contact info) OH! Dresscode: Any type of Lolita! :D
Tigger &amp; Rabbit

New Pirate Hat and Eyepatch!!

Hello there lolitas,

So, after watching Pirates of the Caribbean III this summer, I got it in my head to make a pirate lolita outfit. I haven't been able to buy the JSK I wanted (yet) but I did start off by making a pirate hat out of an old felt cowboy hat(!) and an eyepatch from scratch. Here they are!
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