August 9th, 2007

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okay I'm going to college soon !!! and i'm taking a hair thingy course! o.o I really would prefer to wear lolita everyday but I don't want to risk having people's hair dropping all over my pretty dress or when i learn to wash hair or mixing dye. I thought perhaps if I buy a loli apron and only wear it when I have to do "hands on" stuff I'm willing to get a very pretty apron from baby or angel not sure which i like more and get it dirty BUT! is there other options x.x??? suggestions please???

Shoes and blue bird

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So ugly_kitties' post below got me thinking. Do you collect your brand bags? How about your tags? What do you do with them all?

I'm not big on the bags, but I love me my brand tags. I hang them on the wall like a collage of brandwhoring awesome. When I get enough they may be worth a photo or something.

I think the bag and tag hoarders should start brand bag/tag trading. It's like card trading, but for brand whores. Because in the end, no lolita has enough useless hobbies.

I'm so late I'm retro

Sooooo yeah. Remember that trend, the wardrobe post shit? Remember that? I bet you do. Ohhh, I bet you're groaning now.

But I put off mine for ages because I was always having better, new stuff coming, always always always, and now it's all here and I'm all settled and yeah.

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(Also, OT but I fully recommend this band I am listening to, especially if you are sick of prettyboy j-rock.)
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MN Lanturn Lighting Meet-Up

I talked to another girl on here that told me some of you may be going to this and wanted to know if anyone was still interested. I am going, with a bunch of non-loli friends and meeting a couple other lolis there. Let me know if you will be there on August 19th!
snow white

I know something like this was asked recently...

I remember seeing something about this recently, but I can't seem to find it again...I did use the memories and the search function, but I fail and ljsearch and don't deny it. xD;
Does anyone have any good tutorials or instructions for making a half elasticised waistband for skirts? Like how some skirts have a regular belt waistband, but a segment of the back is elastic? Thank you much in advance!

Anime Vegas Lolita Meet Up

Alright, since my plans changed for anime vegas, I will have time to plan a meet up, and since the lolita panel will be on monday, I was thinking of having it then. The time for it is still unknown so I'm open for other days and time slots. Also, does anyone have any suggestions for activities or discussion topics?

Old Alice film

Hello, everybody~
I hardly ever post on this community, but I stumbled upon this little gem on youtube and thought some of you may enjoy watching it. It's part of an old silent Alice in Wonderland film. Apparently much of it was destroyed but this is what was saved and cleaned up. I know this isn't blatantly Lolita, but Alice does tie in with the fashion...that and this video is just really cool. Enjoy!
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Production Errors and Quality in Japanese Brands

I remember seeing just a few days ago a post about a Baby dress with a production flaw. Has anyone else been unpleasantly surprised by terrible brand construction or even quality? On the opposite end, has anyone been surprised by how nice something is? Personally, I think Angelic Pretty has bad construction habits. I always get things from them with strange construction errors or threads hanging off =/
snow white

You'll hate me for two sewing posts in one night...

But deal.

I've pretty much got my waistband problem solved, but now I'd like to know if anyone can explain/give a tut. for making a gathered pleated skirt like these:
I have a pattern for the second one from the most recent G&LB, but unfortunately I phail at Japanese, and I'll be using fabric that's all in one peice, as I'm basically altering the skirt of a dress that I've cut off. If someone has a translated version of the instructions for it, that'd be really helpful.
Sorry about two of these in one night, but I'm trying to get a project completed for an upcoming meetup. ^-^;;
(PS. I tried memories, ljsearch, and google, just in case this has been mentioned before.)
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Hi I'm new to the EGL community but love the help you give each other. Im looking for other lolitas to share ideas and compare outfits to. I do a lot of my own sewing and ribbon embroidery as well.
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Pirate Lolita pic request

I am hunting for ideas for a pirate kuro-lolita outfit. I'm thinking: cravat, mini tri-corner hat, ripped stockings maybe? I dunno! I've checked memories...Does anyone know of any pics or artwork of pirate themed outfits? I'd be so grateful!!
with thanks,
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EGL-i-fied Disney costumes

Quite some time ago, my friend insomniel posted some of her designs of Disney princesses in EGL-type variations of their costume. So last June (a while back I realize) when we were hosting EGL panels at A-kon, we decided to use her Cinderella and Snow White designs to create our own costumes. (Yes, costumes. I'm aware that these are *costumes* that are only *influenced* by EGL, so don't worry about informing me on that point.) I thought people might be interested. While we (and the panels!) were well received at A-kon, we were so busy we didn't have time to take any pictures, so we took some recently in the ridiculous heat and humidity- since she's left for Pharmacy school, this is our last lolita endeavor for a while!

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