August 8th, 2007


Introductions, and Offering

Hello, everyone. I'm Jonette, 23 going on 24 by October, and I come all the way from the Philippines I'm not much of a loli yet, if that means clothes make the lady, but I do have every intention of creating and discovering more loli beauties. 

 I found this on my  way through a lot of idle surfing, and thought it might be intrigue for tea lovers. It's a well-written article on the extensiveness of Victorian High Tea. Hope you like it. 

The Ritual of High Tea
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Beautiful Wolf
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Innocent World goes Royal

Innocent World has just made an update with new things for reservation. It’s a really nice line – very royal and warm. Very nice colours and patterns, and velvet are to die for. Hurry and check out ^^
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Parasol Pictures?

Okay, I sent in my order form to Baby but they replied saying that the white parasol I wanted was sold out from all stores(which bothers me cause it still says that it's available on their site!) so I was looking at the other ones and i was wondering if any of you have this parasol?

I'd like to see it more 'in action'~


I still will need to confirm the Baby order... can I add more things to it? 'Cause two of the things I wanted were sold out.
EGA Picnic 5/09

UPDATE!!!! August 18th NE Ohio Tea Reminder

This is just a reminder to anyone who may have been interested in getting together for tea on Saturday August 18.  The location is Clementine's in Olmsted Falls (15 minutes west of Cleveland), say 2:00ish?  I may post-pone this if no one can make it because things are starting to get really busy for me.  I'll let you know if this happens and post details at that time.
Speedy replies would be appreciated so I can make reservations if need be.  Thanks!


UPDATE: It seems that this historical neighborhood will be having their Heritage Days event this weekend.  Clementine's may fill up.  Please let me know if you will definitely be showing up so I can try & make reservations.  I want to make sure we have seating and not have to wait in line (for who knows how long).  I think this will be a fun event nonetheless.

Additionally, if any of you are free after tea, my husband will be working at a winery nearby.  I realize wine may not be Loli, but I will probably drop in to see him.  You're welcome to come along.


Lolita at college question

I'm moving into the dorms for my first year of school and I was wondering about lolita + dorm life.

1. What you you guys do about ironing your clothes? I can't bring a ironing board because the room is so small. I know a bunch of my blouses and skirts need to be ironed before being worn because they get so wrinkly.  Should I just bring an iron and iron my clothes on my bed or something?

2.I know we get a dresser. Would it be better to keep all of my clothes folded instead of hanging? Maybe this will lessen all the wrinkles?

3. what about handwash items? I assume I'm going to was them in the sink and have to hang them over a chair or something -_-
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Hello All! I was wondering if anyone here has spent the money (like 600 US dollars) on a wintercoat from BtSSB? I really want to buy one but was wondering if it was worth the money! Thanks for your help in advance !


western loli brand + petticoat. um, or just petticoat

Hi! *waves* I've finally admitted to myself that I need to invest in a petticoat (well, two, black & white, though I'll have to buy them separately over a period of time as I am on a budget...). I've also finally told myself that as great and inventive as a sewer as I am, the prospect of making a petticoat is beyond me. So um, I've decided to buy one. But the problem is, I'm not really sure where to get one (except Japan, but that's too expensive). I figure that a US/western based loli site will probably sell a petticoat, especially one that's more tailored for a lolita (i.e.: my sister owns petticoats - that are totally too long for a loli skirt). So then I started looking at the western sites on Avant Gauche, but then I stopped, because I didn't know which places do quality work and which ones don't. Basically I'm asking does anyone knows a good site where I can order a nice, well-sewn petticoat?

(Sorry if this post was confusing, sometimes I'm not exactly all that coherent. *_*) And thank you in advance for any advice!

P.S.: I'm super sorry if this shows up twice. I don't think it went through the first time, but whenever I think that, I end up with two posts. @.@;
Anna Bubble Trip

Michigan Lolitas?

I'll be traveling to Ann Arbor, Michigan (well, Ypsilanti, but don't tell anyone!) from the 14th of this month to the 24th. I was wondering what the lolita 'scene' is like out there? I think I heard that Kaorte is from there but other than her i haven't heard of many others. Do you think there might be a chance of a meet up while I'm there (even if it's only one or two people)? During the week is the best time for me since that's when my friend will be at work and I'll be bored, and I'd love to find an excuse to dress up and go out and meet people :)

Also, if there's a Michigan loli community I'd gladly ask there too, but i'm unsure of where to look...