August 7th, 2007

poison ivy

New loli store- Melbourne Australia

I didn't see anyone posting anything about this so I thought I'd pop this up. While on the tram to Nth Melbourne a few days ago I saw a storefront with a big poofy Gothic Lolita dress in the window and couldn't believe my eyes so I jumped off and had a look. It's on Elizabeth Street somewhere. (On the left hand side when leaving the city towards the Queen Vic Markets)

The store only opened up on Wednesday and I have forgotten what it's called. They have 20% off till the end of this week I think. I have a feeling its called Shibuyo or something. I was honestly pretty hung over from work so I don't remember.

I remember they stocked some crappy K-star stuff (or whatever its called_ again hungover -_-;) but they had some pretty nice other stuff in there as well that seemed to be well made. It was mostly Gothic Lolita stuff but they had 2 classical/country style dresses in there and the rest was all punky stuff. They had a bunch of those punky pants and skirts with weirdly attached leg bits. No idea what those are called. They also stock cute mini hats and FANTASTIC shoes with little crowns and pearls and lace and stuff. I remember it all being good quality and stuff but alcohol makes many things seem better than they are lol.

Does anyone feel like coming down and having a look with me so we can make a proper review/judgment to see what the stuff is like? Or has anyone else been into there and had a look?

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A probably "duh" sort of question

But I have to ask anyway. The problem I have been having is finding footwear I think will work with my lolita wardrobe. Now, I'm just asking some opinions because I can't remember ever seeing pointy toed shoes with a lolita outfit. Is this...technically a no-no in most people's opinions??

Actual Antique Lolita?

Hi all you knowledgeable lolitas!

I'm a beginner lolita and I have a couple questions - Are actual antique dresses (and also dresses based closely off antique dresses) appropriate or inappropriate for lolita? Not frumpy ladie's dresses or formal dresses or walking suits but girl's/teen's afternoon tea dresses with all the lace inserts and pintucks and full skirts (hemlength mid to lower calf)... what do you think?

and are there any brands/styles that stay closer to actual styles of victorian/edwardian little girls and french bisque antique dolls?
Cupcake Lolita!

ISBN anyone?

Forgive me if this has been covered before, but I could not find anything of this in the search or memories.
Would anyone have the ISBN of Gosu Rori 9? I have searched the web and cannot come up with it for some reason.
thanking you in advance,


Turtle necks and Lolita

Hello dear Lolitas !

I have a few questions for you :

- First, thought I should maybe buy this JSK. I was thinking of wearing a black turtle neck under it. Do you think it would look good ? If not, what would you wear underneath it ?

- Do you have pictures of Lolitas wearing turtle necks ? I only have one of Aya on LolitaSnap.

Thank you very much ! Have a beautiful day.
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About tank tops

It's me once again !

Do you think tank tops are un-Lolita ? We often say jumperskirts are not okay without a blouse underneath because a Lolita should not show her shoulders. .

What would you do with that :

Baby's tank top
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Sailor loli picture request

Hi!  I am looking for pictures of people in sailor loli or brand photos.  If it is a picture of you or a friend, is it ok if I use it on a fashion board for a presentation?  Im making a nice dress and need more reference points for the presentation.  Thank you!!!

Know your Lolitas; A non-lolita meetup for Lolitas in NYC

For a while I've seen that quite a couple of my friends, whether they be newish to Lolita (in the sense that they don't quite have an outfit all together), are new to the city, or haven't really had the chance to get to know people like that.

Yes, there will be the NYC/Tri-state Lolita meetup this weekend, but I think that it would be a good idea for us to have a little get-together afterwards in regular clothing, so we can get to know each other better OFF the internet and become more comfortable around each other. So next New York meetup comes around, we'll have more fun (and hopefully parents will be more comfortable by this time too).

I was wondering if anyone in New York or the surrounding area would be interested in this little get-together? I was thinking within the next two or three weeks, before the Fall term starts. Maybe at Alice's Tea Cup or some place like that? Tell me your thoughts and ideas on this.

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I couldn't resist........Snowy, who belongs to my friend, was just so cute in her new loli dresses! *wuvs Snowy*

Please don't click if photos of animals wearing clothing offends you ^^

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shocked Mikoto (Puri PuriD)

New Hampshire lolita meetup

I mentioned it once before, and the date has been decided!

I'm putting together a small meetup for all lolitas in the New Hampshire area. It will take place in Portsmouth NH on August 12th (a Sunday) from 2:45 to 4:45-5:00 pm. We will all meet at the fountain in Market Sq. around 2:40 and take it from there. This meetup will include some time for cake and sweets at Popover's cafe, a little browsing around the town, going into Bullmoose music and J.D.'s clothing, and some picture taking in the park near the Seacoast repetoire theatre. This is the first meetup I organized, so things might not go as planned, so there is always room for improvisation.

Dress code: Come in whatever style of Lolita you like! I'm not too picky, so I'll even be happy with VK style fashion. You can even bring a stuffed friend if you so choose (BABY burando bunnies anyone?).

Things that I would recommend bringing are money for cake and goodies if you find something you want to buy in town, and please bring a camera! I won't be able to take pictures because I lost my camera at Otakon. I would also like it if you were to RSVP me to show you can come. my email is Oh yes, and any lolis from Maine and the MASS. area are more than welcome to join!
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BTSSB and AP shops in Tokyo

I want to know where in Tokyo AP and BTSSB shops are located (including address and such).
I've checked the memories and the search function, but couldn't find that much.
I know there is a AP shop and a AatP shop in La Foret, but I'd like to know where in Tokyo BTSSB is located. And what shere in Harajuku is La Foret located(address)?
Thank you very much!
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Cleaning Question!

Question! How do you all take care of your Lolita Clothes? Taking it out to dry clean at a place kinda scares me ...what if they lose it?! or damage it! o__o {<---never used a dry cleaners before} I know that dry cleaning is the best way to take care of your clothes but has anyone dared tried to dry clean their Lolita clothes in those at HOME KITS?
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