August 6th, 2007

Patterned tights

I'm looking to incorporate patterned tights into my lolita wardrobe. I would love to see pics ( of you or any other lolita) in lace,cable cord,ribbed, or any other patterned tights. Thanks in advance.
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Baby summersale

It´s seem like Baby have put up a summersale for some items. It´s not many.. but I thought I could let you know. (just go to shopping.. and further down is a "banner/icon" for the sale)

And they have also updated with a cute watch, for those of you who always lost track of time ^^
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Good Japanese Facepacks??

I know I may not get that many replies because of the time differences,
but does anyone know/tried a good facepack? like the ones they tell you
about in G&L Bible?? (Cloth-based rather than a cream that you put on your face)
At the moment I just use Montagne Jeunesse packs... but are there any I can ship over
to England or buy through someone?
I have sensitive skin, but I would love some softening or whitening facepacks. I cant find
any over here.

Thanks in Advance
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Rasputina show

If any of you are interested in Rasputina, they will be performing at the Grog Shop (Cleveland) tomorrow night.  If you want details, I can pass them along. 


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I am new to EGL, but I hope to learn alot more then I already know... I was looking online at lolita stores and decided that : Is the most inexpensive, does anyone know of stores that have better prices then I want to start a lolita collection, but I need to know what is best to start on... Such as: Shoes, skirts, undergarments, accessories, stockings, etc.

Sank you!~,

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BTSSB ordering question

hey Gals (and guys!),
I had a question about the ordering process from Baby.

I just placed my first order with them (it only took like 12 hours for them to respond! lucky me!), but when they emailed back two of the items I wanted were out of stock. One was a jumper I had fallen desperatley in love with *cries*

now I know it says on the website:
Please refrain from cancelling after you receive our confirmation e-mail. We recommend you to consider carefully before you make an order for sure, since basically, we don't accept the cancellation.

so I know I can't cancel the order now that they have emailed me, BUT, my question is, can I change my order and add new things on now?
I did find something in the memories but I just wanted to double check with you guys since the post was old(er).
the post says you can ask to add things on....
so can you still do that?
thanks guys! (man I feel like such a n00b asking this 0_o I sounds....stupid *_*)

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Lolitas and College

As a rising high school senior, this summer has been consumed with visiting colleges, working on essays and applications, etc. I'm SICK of it! I'm sure a lot of you can sypathise, lol.

Anyway, out of curiosity, what colleges have a stong lolita contingent? When walking around, say, the University of Chicago or NYU, I could picture frilly girls running around and going to classes, but I couldn't imagine anyone at Colby or Bowdoin. But who knows, prove me wrong! =)

Also, how does your college or Uni support or discourage you on the fashion? Are other students accepting?

I don't see lolita population influencing my decision of what school to go to, but it would be nice to know if I had comrades in lace wherever I ended up. (By the way, in the memories there were some college-specific questions i.e., the U of I but never a query to all of the higher-education lolitas. In any case, let's get some updated infos. I hope this post is ok.)

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New to EGL!

Hi, I'm new to the Gothic and Lolita and I've been looking for some pics on the Wa-Lolita style since I'm very fond of it and I was wondering if you could me a little bit with this.

The reason for this is that me and some of my friends are going to go on a runway to show the different lolita styles, I would kindly appreciate any advice you can give me.

Thanks a lot!
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(no subject)

Hello! I'm new to L.J. I've just come across this community and want to ask a question.
    I will be traveling to Los Angeles California within the next week and am wondering if I can find Lolita, or any other clothing from Japan (like Candy Stripper, Ehyphen, Milk and types like that.) I checked the memories for a post that says that, but could not find one. I am from a small town so I really don't know about stores in cities like that, and I heard they had a large Japanese population.

          Thank you if you help.

Older lolitas?

I didn't notice it in the master list, but I was wondering if their is a group for older lolitas? Say something like 23+? If their is not, would this be of interest to anyone ?

EDIT: Please vote for the minium age for the "older lolitas" group
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A poll

Poll #1034297 How often do you wear lolita?

How often do you wear lolita?

I wear full lolita every day
I wear lolita-inspired clothes/casual lolita every day
I wear lolita on the weekends/my days off
I only wear lolita a few times a month
I only wear lolita if there is a lolita event (meet up, con etc.)

Do you wear lolita by yourself (ie when you go out alone to shop, to cafes etc.)?


Inspired by the thread on cosplay lolita. How often do people here really wear lolita? Do you dress lolita on your own, or only with friends? I know some people see lolita as a social activity as well as a fashion, so I'm curious about the replies.
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Store review for Shojiki-ya (Toyohashi)

Surfing the net the other night I came across the Lost Angel website and when I checked their shop list page I was surprised to see that they have a store in my prefecture (dunce that I am, I assumed that since it's in my prefecture, it would be a reasonable distance away. After almost an hour on the rapid to get there, I realized I was wrong).

The store is Shojiki-ya (正直ヤ) and it's in Toyohashi, Aichi, Japan.

Anyway, I thought I'd do a little mini-review of the shop in case anyone is going to be in the area or something... and wanted to know... ^^;

Collapse )

The end :D I hope it was helpful to someone...
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