August 5th, 2007

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Doctor Who Steampunk Lolita

I figured I'd post here and see what people thought about this idea since I know there are some lolitas here who are into Doctor Who. ^___^

For Dragon*Con, mastergode and I have decided to go as a steampunk/lolita/victoriana/whatever version of the 4th Doctor and RomanaII from Doctor Who. There's a couple of episodes in Season 17 where the Doctor and Romana are wearing matching outfits. For some reason she decides to copy him and have a scarf and an overcoat and white button-up shirt. However, where his outfit is brown and some other hideous colors, hers is pink and cream.

So I haven't come up with a design sketch for mastergode's outfit yet, but I have a couple for mine. Feedback would be great!

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That reminds me. A bunch of you have probably seen my recent posts involving pictures of Harajuku and whatnot. It occurs to me that people from the GLB likely go to Harajuku from time to time to take pictures of the people who are there. How does that work, exactly, and what would I need to do to get my picture taken by them?
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From the shopping in Japan

I am so happy to have a few brand pieces in my wardrobe. Before my trip, I only had a Naoto coat. T_T'' which was too boiling even in winter unless it was sub zero degrees. XD

Anyway, so here are some bad-looking photos of me, in a few of the pieces I bought. A little more to come soon I suppose.

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What Is...

I have a few more noob questions, if you dont mind...

edit - sorry, I'm not a troll. I didnt think to use google or a dictionary because it just didnt cross my mind. I see those terms used here the most, so I thought people could be decent and at least just answer without being snarky.

Also, I've been reading the comments on the strawberry girl's outfit and I just want to know, for older members, how do you know the difference between real lolita and cosplay?

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[[ imvu - loli ~! ]]

i thought i would share with you all my current IMVU character [which is ultimately supposed to be myself]. the rocking shoes are a new item, i think it looks pretty darn cute xD !

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it's more ega than egl, and some kodona qualities. i dont have enough credits to make it totally lolita yet ;x though i thought it was cute enough to share for now :)

i hope you all enjoy~!

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Fashion Nugget!

Rococo Hair???

I'm thinking about making a theme of "Marie Antoinette" for my birthday,and I was curious if any of you had any experience with making ones hair... large. (My hair is not-quite to my knees, so i have a lot of it.) I'd like to avoid back combing if possible. >.> I suppose anything would be fine, as i have enough time to experiment, but anything that has worked for any of you would be best.

Thanks in advance for any advice <3
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this has been driving me crazy.

I used to be a member here a couple years ago and there was a girl who would post the most awesome pictures of her gear and i am trying to find her pictures again.
i can't recall anything about her screen name but i do recall that she had a kitchen that looked like it was painted black but it was actually that chalkboard paint, she had very short, like rosemary's baby short, brown hair the last time i saw her.
does this ring anyone's bells?
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Moitie definitions...

Sorry for another post, but it has sprung on me whilst reading the new G&L Bible...

What on earth are - EGS, EGH and EGM ??!!?!
Mana can waffle on with these new terms and not care to explain them?
I didnt see them in any interviews... Gosh I'm confused.

Please help EGL community!!!

(unserious/serious suggestions wanted!)

E-Bay Shops and MN lolis

Does anyone know any good e-bay shops? All I can find are the shotty ones that glue things on and use horrible lace and material. There has to be at least one good e-bay shop out there.

I am also wondering if there are any other Minnesota lolis out there that are interested in meeting up someday. I already know of about 6 or so, and I am sure there are more than that.
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Hey everyone! ^__^ Does anyone know any other Lolita stores (BESIDES baby and meta) that ship overseas or can anyone refer me to one of those buyer sites? (Where they order it for you and ship, etc.) Much appreciated! ^__^!!!

Harajuku! Videos, and a few pictures!

So, I took a few videos of Harajuku today, including Cosplay Bridge, Takeshita Doori and Laforet (with my leet ninja cam skillz). It's also the story of my day, because people have seemed to be interested in such things. If you don't care about what I did, just watch the videos. ^^

Mostly x-posted from my journal. ^^
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At the risk of stirring up more drama, I just need to ask...

Is cosplay lolita a lolita style at all? Is it something you want to see here?

Given the drama today, which at its heart concerns this issue, I feel like it is a relevant question for the community to consider.

To me anyway, lolita is a fashion I follow. Clothes that I would like to wear everyday. Clothes that I would like to be taken seriously in. And while cosplay is fun, I don't think cosplay lolita ought to be seen as a subset of lolita fashion, because its very nature is costume play, not fashion or couture.

But you could argue, well a lot of people start out as cosplay lolitas and learn from there. We can't scare them away or else they may lose interest, they may never learn. We want everyone to feel welcome. I certainly agree with the sentiment; wanting to be welcoming to everyone. It's not fair to tell someone they aren't serious enough about lolita so they can't post what we consider to be their cosplay here, or something.

But at the same time, isn't it insulting to followers of the fashion to let costumers have equal footing? To say that costumes are legitimate forms of their fashion? I mean, no one is saying you can't do cosplay lolita anymore; just to please not post it here. You can still learn about lolita fashion without posting cosplay pictures; just read the lolita handbook and other resources laid out for beginners, and you'll be fine.

I'm speaking in great generalities about a large and diverse group of people. Which is why I'm curious to hear what everyone thinks about it. It seems to be a very sensitive and complicated issue, so I hope this doesn't get out of hand. But it seems like this has happened before and could happen again, so perhaps it would be best to take to bull by the horns and ask the community to decide what it wants to see here.
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