August 4th, 2007

Loli in the strawberry patch

thought i'd post some pictures of the strawberry-patterned wa loli kimono and skirt that i wore to comic-con. you can't tell from the pictures here, but i also wore a black petti -- have to have that big bell shape! -- and red-and-black striped stockings.

oh yes, and the kimono and skirt are handmade. i love my huge sleeves.

credit for the pix goes to my friend, Andy Lee, a wonderful and accomplished photographer! you can check out his other work at

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Wonder Woman

hime cut....

Hey guys.
I was pleasently suprised today when I picked up an american hairstyling/cut magazine to see a picture of a "hime" haircut. I went ah~! 0_o and shoved it in my sister's face exclaiming over it. ^^;

It's interesting to me that this cut is in an american magazine since I have heard some girls on here say that their hairdressers refused to give them the haircut, or that they just didn't understand the cut...that it is just against hairstylists ....I want to say standards. that they don't like the cut etc.
well anyways, I thought I would scan it for you guys since peoeple are always looking for more pictures of hime cuts to bring to the hair salon.

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enjoy~! and discuss! I love to read people's discussions on hime cuts!

if only I had straight hair *cries* I would love love love to have a hime cut ;_;
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"Becoming Jane"

I went and saw this movie today...and cried my eyes out. It was so good! Has anyone else seen this? Gorgeous dresses in the movie. I'm dying for the pink one that Jane's sister is wearing :)

The guy who played Jane's love interest, Mr Lefroy, was just delicious. It is so weird seeing him in this movie after seeing him with goat legs as Mr Tumnis in the movie Narnia!
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(no subject)

Hi! Does anyone know if this Mary Magdalene dress has detachable sleeves? My Japanese is very close to non-existent. There are pictures of the navy-coloured dress (which is the one I want) with sleeves further down the page, but I can't figure out if they're detachable or a different design.

Also, the reason I'm asking is because my friend is going to Nagoya and he owes me a huge favour (don't let your pharmacist friends dispense medication to you >.<), so I'm asking him to keep an eye out for the dress. Do you guys have stories (funny or not) of non-lolita/kadonas walking into a lolita store and being the one stared at? If it helps your mental image he's about the height of your average lamp post ^___^. Revenge is sweet.

Thanks heaps! (And hello!)

Classic Curiosity

Hello everyone.

I'm curious how many of you are into Classic Lolita?

I have a project I'm thinking to continue (almost in collaboration with one a friend is starting) as I really adore the look of vintage jewelry. A few months ago I got a bunch of pearls and gold chain, I had lost motivation to continue but had made these two necklaces at least. Granted its not just limited to Classic Lolita (I just think fits that style better).

I'm not selling now I just wanted to get some insight in how much potential my project would be and also probe for suggestions of what you ladies would like to see if I continue with this project. For example, I am thinking to make pins/brooches with the same pearlxgold theme are you ladies interested in that kind of thing?

Thanks! ♥ ^-^/
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Funny Story

I almost always wear lolita to work. I guess I lean towards a gothie-classic lolita. I'm into the black and white.
(A quick note: I'm a traveling sample lady, I work a bunch of different grocery stores.)
I was working in Manchester today, and I've worked there enough to have made some friends. Matt, the out and proud astrology obsessed customer service guy, loves my outfits. He makes me tell him about lolita every time, and if he has friends there he makes them listen, too. He then will point out the bows, frills or other tidbits to anyone within earshot. ROFL
So... I brought this months Shojo-Beat with the lolita article. Here in VT people are a little clueless, so this article is helpful. We were outside with about six other employees when I showed him. He proceeded to work up from Mary Janes, making invisible check marks. Everyone laughed when I showed a tiny peek of lace and bow to prove I really did wear bloomers. Matt claimed my rather puffy sleeves could stand to be puffier, pointing to the picture.
"Oh, give her a break! It's humid," said the older woman next to him.
Matt's favorite part were the giant white grossgrain ribbon bows on each of my two looped braids. He reminded me they were the best about a dozen times today.
(Next year around Easter, check CVS, they had these perfect kids bows on barrettes, so no fuss over tying, and they have two loops and the tail on each side.)

Anyway, I find people respond well to me. The majority of people can't help but smile, and many are openly delighted. I think that if you're bold and confidant, especially with good lolita manners, and openly friendly, people just can't resist it.

I am occasionally asked if I'm being forced to wear it, or if it's a uniform. I've been asked if I get paid extra to wear it. I tell them that I'm thinking of charging more if people don't want me to wear it. I get a lot of raised eyebrows, but I just smile away. I don't mind if I amuse people. Being amused is a very pleasant emotion. I'm often rewarded with smiles, and I'll get compliments on days I'm uber-organised about my outfits. Regulars sometimes notice new ones.
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Picture Request

this was posted in lolitaoutfits earlier today here

does anyone know where it is from? where i can find a larger picture of it or anything similar would be helpful?

thank you i advance for any help. although i wont be able to fit this from whatever site its on i would like some good pictures so that i may get it custom made. i instantly fell in love with it. i did comment asking where it was from in the comm but im so impatient and thought maybe some of you would know where its from or where to find something similar.