August 3rd, 2007


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Has anyone ordered shoes from Funky Little Shop on ebay? If so, were you happy with the quality of the shoes? I am debating Ling Lam or FLS. They are both the same price so it all comes down to quality. Thanks!

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Anime Fest Wichita is this month. And they're having an EGL tea party, which got me excited. And I doubt it, but if anyone happens to be going to AFW, please tell me, because that would be neat. I know at least two girls from this community went last year. And I swear I searched before asking.

Calling Lolita Meetup Groups in Canda/Midwestern US

Looking for an excuse to meet up with other Lolitas in your area?

Why not see Curiosity?.

Question: Will there be puppets?
Answer: Yes!

Question: Will there be Gothic Lolita?
Answer: Yes!

Question: Will I get a tattoo of Novala stamped on my frilly rear after a night of cavorting with satyrs to the wild sounds of Curiosity?
Answer: Yes!

Curiosity is on summer tour! Cities on the tour include: Detroit, Columbus, Allentown, Buffalo, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Arbutus, Fayetteville, Indianapolis, and three NYC shows. So plan your meetups now because the first show is tommorrow night in Detroit!

You can pick up nifty flyers for some shows here. I'm sure if you stick them around town, Curiosity will give you some sort of free swag for spreading the word,
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Bahhh. I need help.

I bought this lovely jsk from Baby:

And it just so happens that the lace on it is not their usual off white, so I guess I'm a stupid dumb dumb head for not knowing that it's more of an antique white.
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Ann Boleyn
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What does JSK mean?

As a noob, I'm not sure what JSK means. Thanks for any insight.

Also, I notice a lot of posters have Marie Antoinette icons. Is it because you like the movie or the clothing style?
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Looking for EGL Panelists

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I had posted about possible EGL events going on at T-Mode, the new convention being held at the Hilton in Crystal City Arlington, VA.   I have since deleted the old post and wanted to post something new because in talking to the convention chairman, he said he would welcome Lolita's to T-Mode and would be happy to hold EGL panels.  Please feel free to contact T-Mode directly for more information if you wish to become a panelist. And I truly thank you for taking the time to read  the update.
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Picture request & a few questions

Hello Lolitas,

I'm going to be turning 20 in two days and am putting together a little picture/list of what I am going to be receiving for my birthday gifts and wondered if anybody had pictures of these items:

- BABY Red Riding Hood Parasol (Pink/white)
- Meta 2007' LP (White) I swear, I looked in the memories but only found the black OP...
- Angelic Pretty REPLICA Piano-Purse (white)

And as for my questions:

1. Exactly how many items can fit into Baby's Bunny-Bear backpack? I was wanting to buy one but am not sure if it is worth it. All I know is that it's really big ^_^;;

2. What OFF-brand shoes have the nicest quality?

Doumo arigatou minna-san! ♫