August 2nd, 2007

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Credit Cards in Japan?

I'm going to Japan in a few weeks and I've never been to brand shops before. I was just wondering if any of them accept credit cards. (Or do they only accept cash?) This includes stores like Closet Child, etc. Any help would be appreciated. :3;;
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Lolita around the world: Paris

Firstly, let me just say a big thanks to Jeanne (la_mome_neant, Julie (dismal_carnival, Gabrielle (addictive_sugar, Caroline (calinh and Lucie (lsirial for making this meet possible. You have made my stay in Paris absolutely wonderful.

Paris is the first stop for my personal project, "Loli around the world". As some of you might have already know, I am starting this project to meet lolitas all over the world and the Paris meet has been really really successful.

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Trying again with pictures...

Okay I am trying again to post these pictures. Very frustrating, no good with computers XD Anyway, pics taken in my bedroom. (That black thing with the glowing eyes is my kitten >.>) Skirt, petti and kneesocks- In the Starlight Shirt- From my closet....don't remember where I got it Headband- Made it. Hope these don't suck >.< 
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Picture request!

Does anyone have any pictures of Sacchi and Yuka, the two "twin" Angelic Pretty models (Kokusyoku Sumire)? I suddenly really want to draw them and want as many references as I can possibly get. ;)
Imai Kira drawings of them are also welcome....or just ANY Imai Kira drawings. :P
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Petticoat questions

I'm planning out my first EGL outfit for a convention coming up on Labor Day weekend. I have a rather unconventional skirt design and need to either buy or make a petticoat. I'd prefer to make the petticoat so I get more sewing experience. The skirt I'm making is a handkerchief skirt and I've only once ever seen a handkerchief skirt in an EGL design and would like some advice on if I should buy one because it would be easier time wise. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.