August 1st, 2007

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Lace Overlays Picture/Idea Request

I'm making an outfit for Dragon*Con that involves a new corset that I've ordered. The corset will be silver/gray fabric with a black lace overlay. The lace isn't a typical flowery one, but it has this loopy cross design. It's hard to explain, but it's very nice.

So, I was wondering, does anybody have any pictures of any lolita dresses that involve lace overlays? I know that Meta has done some things with lace dresses, but I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas for what I can do. If it was just making a dress with a lace overlay, that would be easy enough to come up with a good idea. However, it's hard enough to make a corset look appropriate for lolita, let alone with lace. ^^;;
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GenCon Indianapolis: High Tea

As some of you may or may not know, GenCon Indy is just around the corner. Last year, a few of us got together and took high tea at one of the local hotels, the Canturbury.

This year, a couple of friends of mine and I are doing the same thing. We'd like to extend the invitation to you.

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One of my friends went to Scarborough (uk) last week, & says there's a gothic lolita shop there.
Now he knows vaguely about the fashion through me. & he didn't go in because it was sunday. so it was shut.
Is he right? Whats it like?
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tights search

Good evening ( well evening for me ^_^) Egl.
I am more on the classic side of Lolita, and have always wanted to pair plaid..yes plaid tights with an ensemble, however I have not been able harldly squat in my search. Does anyone know where I could find some plaid tights?
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Staircase House

Today I ventured with my family into Stockport town centre to visit Staircase House, and I thought it would be a nice place to go for a meetup, there's even a cosy little joint café which is also part of Stockport's heritage.

And of course, I have pictures of my outift aswell as the house ^_^

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Going to Prom

Hi all--I've been invited to a friend's University Prom/end of year Ball and the dress code is 'formal'.
My question is--could one of my jsk's/other lolita outfit be considered formal enough by a Ball's standards?
And by jsk/other loli outfit I mean the full works....wig, best dress, etc etc.
Also, does anyone have any experience in going to an occasion such as the one I've mentioned in loli?

advice on dealing with a reluctant b.f.

so, i made my mega-public loli debut at comic-con this past weekend.

i wore all handmade clothing -- a wa loli-style, strawberry-patterned kimono and skirt, an all-black ensemble and a sweet lolita jsk made of beautiful green-and-floral cotton cloth. in my opinion, it all turned out rather well for a first try.

here's the thing: i'm not so sure my boyfriend liked it.  i think it was a little poofier, frillier and girlier than he expected. one day -- and he was being a bit grumpy anyway -- he complained that i looked like a second-grader! i thought i looked muy kawai, and the many people who took my picture at comic-con must have thought so too!

so i'm trying to find something a little less ... young ... for the bf's sake. can anyone recommend a lolita style that's a little more mature? or at least, easier to swallow for a significant other who is brand-new to the scene?

i'm thinking EGL (elegant gothic lolita), or conversely, casual lolita. any recommendations?

(the boyfriend might also be open to steampunk-influenced lolita, since that's a school of design that interests him too. i'm the one who obsesses over pictures of bustle skirts and ruffles, not him! =^) )
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