July 31st, 2007

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New skirt & hairz test run

I didn't finish this in time for Otakon because of cosplay stuff but I finally got some free time this weekend. Unfortunately, I still haven't mastered self photography so the pics are something I might burn so they never show up in my real photography portfolio. Also tried a new hair style.

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This r seriouse face.

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Hime Cut Pictures?

I hope this isn't too irrelevant to be posted here... :S

So, anyway. I've decided that I definately do want to get a Hime Cut. Whether is suits me or not remains to be seen, but that's not why i'm posting this. The thing is, I don't really have any decent pictures to show the hairdresser, and what with being in Britain and all, I doubt he/she will have heard of this cut before. I do have a few pictures, but they're all either blurry or taken from too far away or at an odd angel so the style isn't properly visible. I've seen lots posted on the community, but I didn't want to use them without the owners' permission. SO, what I want are clear, large photos that show good examples of the Hime Cut. I can be slightly picky, in particular I don't like it when the side bangs are too wide. So, if you have any that you don't mind my using, that would be great!
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cupcake - pink

Coordinate Question

I'm a bit green to this fashion, so please bear with. Would you wear a white blouse with an antique white/cream/off-white skirt? My first thought would be to say no, but then again I have seen some white/cream or white/off-white or white/antique white skirts and blouses, so then I wonder if maybe it could work... ( '_'?)
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