July 30th, 2007

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Photoshoot pictures

Shortly before Otakon I met with a photographer to get some pictures of my designs to display at my artist's table. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to put together anything decent for the table, or even to get any other models for the shoot (which is why I lack accessories, lolita is not the best for quick-changes -_-;;), but I thought i would share the images anyway.
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How to make ribbons?

Hi ladies!
I've been thinking of start making some ribbon bows to have on my dresses but I wonder HOW do you girls make the ribbons not get frilled in the ends? If I'm using satin material and every time I cut them at the ends they start to frill. 

Do you use a type of machine? Or just glue them? What type of glue? 
Please give me a hand pretty please?! 

Thank you! =^^=
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Shoe Replica project?

I was wondering if any one can give me any information on getting shoe replicas made. I think I remember that there was a custom order for Angelic pretty crown shoes awhile ago.

I really want to have some an*ten*na replicas made. I know that a former user was involved in a replica project but handed it over to miwitch because she wasn't able to help anymore. I have tried contacting miwitch multiple times but she never responds to any of my emails.

Any info is wonderful
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Pictar Post!

So, on Saturday, there was a small loli gathering at St. Tropez Bistro in San Diego, sinceout-of-towners were here for Comic-Con. But it's not meetup pictures I bring you...
After the meetup, it seemed as though radish_baby and myself were the only roritas without our eyes not set on the convention center, so we made an epic journey throughout the lawlessness that is downtown San Diego.

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London Japanex and Loli photoshoot ^^=

Hey guys, this is just a MASS of photographs from both days at the London Japanex and also a photoshoot that I organised with listerinepree and brionyalissa. It was so much fun and we got some great shots ^^ nothing posed or anything, all us just messing around.
(Dial up users - beware! over 50 images !!)

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  • ayameh

Orlando Lolita Mini-Meet Pictures

Hey guys! :D
So there was a little meetup in Orlando at Lake Eola on the 30th; only three including myself showed up, but we had a lovely time nonetheless with our little group. :3 Unfortunately our organizer was not able to make it because she got into an accident, and I'm sure it's safe for me to speak on behalf of the three of us that we're just glad that she's okay and that there will always be other opportunities to have a meetup. :]

We've had quite a bit of a wet spell in central Florida lately and it stormed just horribly on the way, but we all made it. ^-^
I was kind of late in going, so I found the two other girls on a whim. x3;
After talking for a bit, we ended up going into Panera, and then commenced to have our own little picnic on an extremely loli lime green blanket outside of the Asian pagoda. It started to rain in the middle of the picnic, but being the little Loli troopers that we are (or just lazy), we stayed in the rain and continued eating our Panera sandwhiches and pastries. (Apparently there was a wedding going on under the pagoda, and they had invited Melissa and Sara to sit with them before I came. x3;)

But less talking, more pictures! We all know that's what you're all here for anyway. :B

Onto the pictures!

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