July 29th, 2007


Others view on lolita

I hope someones else lawl's at these too XD

Gothic Lolita - would you dress like one? | teamsugar


Lolita is the new pink. | MetaFilter

I would like to share some of my favorite quotes from the last link

So that's what they're calling French maid outfits now. I can hear the stampede as thousands of strippers get their business cards redone."

"Interesting thing about lolita fashion (and I'd argue that most of the link in the OPP are not) is that the best-known popularizer of it, Mana, is a transvestite."

Sewing project.

Hey, I wanted to start a sewing project! I have looked through the memories and seen their patterns for skirts and Jumper Skirts but I am not that confident in my sewing skills to make my own pattern. So, have any of you found a commercial pattern that you really liked for Lolita? Or maybe you just saw one that would work well. I can modify the pattern a bit, like put lace on it and whatnot, but a really big modification, I do not know if I could do. 

I am looking for. 
Jumper Skirts
and Blouses.

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Metamorphose Contact problems?

Does anyone know if there's something going on with Metamorphose at the moment? I'm running a group order and contacted them three times: once almost a week and a half ago, the second four days ago, and the last yesterday (I know it was Sunday over there), but I haven't received a single reply back to any of those. >_> Usually they only take a day, two at most to respond, so I'm concerned about our (the group order and my) items ><; They don't ignore people, do they?



Hello all! me and sayuri_eve decided to meet up for the first time and have a mini photoshoot at queens garden in Swindon, it's hard to find a really 'nice' place where we live to take photos... but these came out well : ) anyway, hope everyone enjoys!

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rarity stylin

So ladies

I know how to measure arrival height for Meta (from your armpit down), but how about for Baby? Is it the same? I'm eyeing the Petite Doll jsk (because I am the only fan of empire waists on egl probably), but 98cm down from my armpit hits calf-length on me and that's a painful thought.
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And the Harajuku girls with the way they talk, they knock me out when I'm down there.

So, I'm currently studying at Sophia University in Tokyo, and I took a trip to Harajuku, today.

This trip involved many pictures!

If you want to see various things around Harajuku, along with my commentary and the things I bought, you should click the cut! Also, if you have any questions at all about the area or the stuff or whatever, feel free to ask. ^^

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Gothic Lolita fashion show

The Austrian lolitas visited a local anime meet-up and talked about lolita fashion. We told the audience what it is and how it developed and much more. We also made a fashion show after this talk! Now we can show you a lot of pictures. Definitely not dial up friendly! ^^

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hans, doll

Temple University Japan Lolita friends?

Hey there, if this post is not allowed, let me know and I'll apologise profusely.

Starting this fall I will be going to Temple University Japan's Tokyo campus in Azabu. However, as my departure date grows nearer by the day, I'm getting a little more nervous about being by myself.

So the point of this post is to ask whether any of you fabulous people might also be going to Temple? ^_^ I would love to have some fellow Lolita friends to nance around in the city with, shopping and generally engaging in much awesomeness.

I promise I'm nice! ;o;
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I'm pretty sure this is my first post on here, even though I've lurked for years. And it's a pretty feeble one at that.

So BtSSB began to accept Paypal and opened up their english language website for easy-peasy international orders (even though they are taking their time with it... grumble).
My question is, which store do you think will be next to do so, now that the Japanese stores are becoming more aware of the international market for their clothing? Which one would you like to be next?

My guess is Angelic Pretty, but my personal opinion is this would be a dismal disappointment and that Innocent World should open up their doors to the international market of ME. For the greater good.

Fizzling out....

Super Junior movie rori appearance.

I'm living out in South Korea right now and I went to see Super Junior's first movie yesterday. It's only for a few seconds, but there's a very frilly sweet lolita in one of the scenes. I'll try and get a cap when it comes out, but it struck me as another example of how utterly random loli appearances can be.

Since I've been out there I've also seen a shop called 'E-lolita' o.O

So I was wondering if anyone else has found references/appearances of gothic/lolitas anywhere else a bit odd/random?

The weirdest ones I've found were;

Manhattan Love Story.
Magiranger (I think?)
A few Chinese magazines (where the co-ordinates were....interesting.)

Nail art on eBay

I know there have been several entries on lolita nail art, but they're all Japanese sites. Does anyone have English ones that ship overseas? I've also tried ebay, but I'm not sure what keywords I should try, because all the ones that I have tried either didn't produce any lolitable nail art, or they're just regular stickers or acrylics. These the type of nails I'm looking for:


Dallas/Fort Worth August meetup!

Saturday, August 11th, 1:00 PM @ the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens (map)
Cake and tea afterward at La Madeleine on Camp Bowie (map)

Hello again, everyone! The July meetup for Shakespeare in the Park went smashingly, and now August is only a few days away!
This month, we'll be meeting up at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens for a round of photos (everyone be sure to bring your cameras!), and then we'll be jaunting over to La Madeleine on Camp Bowie to refresh ourselves with tea and cake. Here is a map of how to get from the Gardens to La Madeleine for those not familiar with the area.
I look forward to seeing everyone again, and to meeting everyone that couldn't make it last time!

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