July 28th, 2007

Columbus Meetup

I was wondering if anyone in the Columbus and surrounding area would like to have a meetup? I was thinking of doing it for August 18th in the afternoon if that is an okay day for most people. The only thing is, I'm not quite sure where would be a good place to have it. We already did the Park of Roses last year, so I was wondering if anyone knew of a different outdoor place that would fit for lolita? Otherwise we could go to Zencha or Momo's for karaoke or bowling. Outdoor places are so much prettier though. Sooo, let me know!
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A new loliable vacation spot

As said in Gothic&Lolita Bible #25, a new theme park opened up in Japan this year. The place is called Parque Espane and it's an amusement park devoted to the image of Spain.


Why do I bring this up? Because in the Columbia district, there is a section devoted entirely to Alice In Wonderland. There is even a giant card maze in one of the buildings. Park location is in Mia in the Kansai region of Japan, and there are printable guidebooks in english, chinese and korean on the website. (you may want to mark this as a visit-spot next time any of you are on vacation in the Kansai area).
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Fanplus friend commission query.

I know there have been a lot of posts about F+F already but I just wanted an opinion on this dress Ive asked to be commissioned from one of the people who posted in the design contest but didnt win the picture of the dress hasnt been put on their official site because its being made just for me atm

All the accessories are detatchable, and was wondering if anyone had any ideas how to coordinate it.





heres what the illustration looks like http://www.fan-store.net/images/forum/200609GL02_3.jpg

and not meaning to sound rude, I think this clears up the whole bodyline copys, considering this is a dress made from an illustration
I cant wait to wear this, its not full on lolita, more punk, but I love that style it suits me ^_^ though I always fall for the cute bibs and bustle skirts eventually ^_^"

Sorry about the mess of links, it didnt look like that when I posted it initially >.<
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Orlando Lolita Meetup

We had a lot of fun despite the rain.  Eventually we three decided to screw the rain and we sat down and had a very wet picnic.  As for our organizer, she never showed up and we are wondering if she was ok.  We'd rather that she ditched us from the weather as opposed to having gotten into an accident.

I didn't have a camera and pictures will be posted soon from the one or two of us who did!
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Cutsew question

I was looking at this sweet little cutsew on the Baby site and was wondering if anyone had it and could tell me about the fit?  I usually have no trouble fitting into Baby's items, but the bust measurement on this one seems pretty tiny.  Does anyone have it and if so is the 78 cm/ bust measurement pretty exact or could someone a little bit bigger fit into it and not look like an over stuffed sausage?  I have a 33 inch bust versus the apparent 31 inch bust measurement given here.  I really don't like shirts that fit too tight across the chest, so it's probably better not to risk it, but if anyone has first had experience with this specific shirt, I'd love to know.

Also, does anyone know what the bust measurement of  this sweater is?  It only gives the arrival height and sleeve length here, that I can see, and I definitely would need the sweater to not be too tight since I'd wear it over a shirt.

Thanks so much!
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Image request

I remember when the meta luckypacks were first flooding egl, someone posted a picture of themselves wearing a white chiffon top + bottom set. Does anyone have that picture >_>;;;? Actually any picture of the Metamorphose summer lucky pack 2007 chiffon suit set would be awesome D :. Sorry to bother you guys like this!! It's been driving me up the walls trying to find some pictures of it! Thanks <33.
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Hello, I know this sounds like an utter n00b question, but how do you iron your clothes? especially those with gathered pleats? I'm talking about skirts like this. I've been battling with the pleats for an hour and it _still_ looks crumpled. (worst still, I have 4 more pleated skirts to go *dies*)

Do you start from the top? How do you know when it the pleat is folded in or out? What do you do if the waistband is crumpled? (my BTSSB skirt has no interfacing on the waist! *horrors!*) And most of all......how do you iron shirring? especially the front corseting?

If you can recommend easier ways of ironing pleats/gathers, do tell! (btw, I've tried the hot shower trick, and it doesn't work on pleats unfortunately)
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(no subject)

New gothic lolita mecca for WA state lolis--> Port Townsend. If you have not been, shame on you ^_^ It's a perfectly scrumptious Victorian town full of caffees, artists and amazing architecture! Check it!
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Which of the following do you consider to be lolita "brand"?

Candy Violet
Vivienne Westwood
Heart E
Jane Marple