July 27th, 2007


Ok, so im writing this essay for school about lolita fashion and I was wondering if you guys could answer a few questions so I can add an interview type section to it.

1) When meeting someone new do they act differenty because of your dress? If so how do they react?

2) What does being a lolita mean to you?

3) What is the oldest you think someone who is lolita should be?

4) Why did you start being lolita?

5) Do you hold yourself to any seperate standards from people who are not lolita? ie do you have a higher deree of politeness, beauty, or any other feature?

Thank you so much for your time and if this is in any way inappropriate I apologize.  I tried to keep short...

Yet another Ling_Lam question : DD

I've went through searches, but I couldn't find many images, so I'm asking here XD;.
Has anyone ordered Ling_lam's dresses or lolita coats before? She seems to offer lolita commissions for pretty cheap price, but I'd like to know how the products look before ordering crapton of stuff from her.
If you have images of either her lolita coats or dresses, please help me make a wise loli decision XD;.
Thanks <3.

Just out of curiosity...

Does anyone know what book Momoko's reading in the Cafe? In the Shimotsuma movie of course, I recognized some of the illustrations being from Gothic Lolita Bible(I think? or they were similar.). And I've seen similar books on some japanese websites...is it just a romance novel? Are they being printed in english? Sorry for wasting space!!

Meta Model

Hi~ I have a question!
Does anyone know the name of the Meta model in this yahoo!japan acution ---> http://www.rinkya.com/twview.pl?URL=http://page7.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/g54619915 ?
I've seen her in other Meta ads before too, I think she is also on the main image on their english site right now.
Does she have a blog?
Also, is there like a master list of japanese lolita blogs, or does anyone know of any? I've searched through the memories and was only able to find one...

Thank you!

(no subject)

I was looking at the description for this Meta skirt and it said this "This skirt DOESN'T HAVE a HEM PRINT. Be careful. "
What does it mean? Would I have to do something special to wear it?

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Heejin Orange
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Seattle EGL LJ?

I saw the lovely post made by the gal from the Boston Meetup and saw that there was a LJ community called boston_lolita. Is there one for Seattle? Thanks.
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Lolita + Club = ?

Just got a call from my boyfriend that I never see (not my choice, his) inviting me to go clubbing with several friends of ours. Hehe...yeah....

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EDIT: I meant this all hypothetically, not...ummm not hypothetically...you get my meaning....
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Detachable collar cutsew?

Some cutsew (e.g. this by AP and some styles by Btssb) comes with a detachable Peter pan collar.  I was wondering when this collar is attached to the cutsew (by buttons, I assume), will it have massive gaps inbetween the collar and the cutsew itself?  Does it actually look like a blouse, or does it look like I am wearing a cutsew with a stupid collar 'necklace'?

Thanks very much!

Paris Baby?

Hi egl,

I'm going to France this summer and I am planning on visiting the Paris branch of Baby. However, the part of France where i'm staying is several hours away from Paris, and since it costs a fair bit to get there on the train, I won't bother making the trip if it's not worth it. I was wondering if anybody had any comments/reviews/general opinions on this branch of Baby. Judging by the photo on the website, it's fairly big. Is this true? What's the selection of items like? Are the staff helpful? Overall, what were your experiences of the Baby store in Paris like?

Thanks for your time,


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