July 25th, 2007

Stain problem! Please help!

EDIT: Thanks to everyone who gave me tips and suggestions! I truly appreciate it!

To those who complain because I asked about it here even though BJDs themselves aren't lolita, it's not a big deal. I was in a hurry and I didn't think to go looking up livejournals about BJDs. In real life people don't ALWAYS think of the best solutions right away, so please don't chew my head off over something so little.

 Well, I guess you'd call it a stain. My poor Dollmore BJD has a few brown stains on his legs, right below his rear... (that sounds really weird, doesn't it? -__-) and I don't know what caused it. I put him in my bag and I'm not sure what he was sitting on that would've rubbed off on him. That's the only place he has it and I don't know how I can get rid of it. :( I'm not sure if posting something like this is allowed here but since some gothloli carry around BJDs and such I thought it would be okay. If not, I'll delete. Thanks!

Lolita Patterns?

I'm new to this place, so please be patient with me ;~;

I'm into Gothic Lolita, it suits my personality, my appearence, and I find it waaay to cute X3

But basically, I'm searching for patterns, preferably free patterns for the moment. I went to this Otakon 2007 panel on Lolita Fashion and they gave me a list of links to go to....but sadly I misplaced that piece of paper at the convention v_v....

I haven't sewn anything in my life....The school never tought us like they were SUPPOSE to, and my mom just doesn't have the time, so as soon as my family moves a month from now, I'm going to teach myself.
I might first practice on making pillows or something but I'm deffinately wanting to learn to make my own Lolita clothing seeing how I'm poor and fat...so not only can I not afford Lolita clothes; but my body type to too odd and big to fit in those teeny ones they sale v_v
I gots a tiny chest and a huge butt... I'm not a plus size or anything, but I'm still pretty curvy.

So yes....anyway...
I'm looking for Lolita patterns [maybe translated ones?] and some helpful tips on getting me started aswell as becoming advanced.
Please give me a hand >_<  I'm such a noob!

Thanks, and sorry if I've caused any trouble @_@

bikini kill riot grrrl

Flamboyant Controll

Anyone ever bought clothes from Flamboyant Controll? They have this adorable dress with the cutest fabrice ever, and i just wanted to know if anyone has boughten clothes from them and what the experience was.

Also does anyone know where i can find a fairly cheap fake leather like handbag that has that dome "bowlers bag" shape just pretty plain and in white.. or just a plain white fake leather like handbag that isnt $100+?
&lt;3 James May &lt;3

Hime Cut: UPDO TIME!

I was all like... so, I gots the gosh darn Hime Cut... now what, this thing looks like arse if I try to do the usual updo styles I used to do. Then I got out the GHD and the product and this is what I did:

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random sewing announcement

Bed sheets, are great fabric for lolita dresses and skirts. Old or new, the fabric is good, there is alot of it and its washable. This equals greatness in my mind at least! I will post some pictures of my dress soon, but I just wanted to maybe spark some creativity for those wanting a new sewing project!

Question about ordering from Rose Chocolat

I checked the memories and I didn't see anything about how to order from Rose Chocolat x___x.

I tired to purchase a pair of golf rocking horse shoes from the site, but I never exactly had to send any money over.

I also recieved an email from them saying that my order was recieved. Do I wait for a second email to send in payment via paypal, or do I have to send them the payment manually?

Someone please help me.

chibi lolita doodles

Hi guys!

It was really nice to meet some of you at otakon ^^ I'm sorry I couldn't really hang around for any of the events, I was really busy running the cute-plush.com booth. You were all so pretty and had such amazing outfits! I felt so ugly! I hope we can become friends.

Anyway, the point of this post= I was bored and had artists block when I got home. I have commissions to do and the only way to break it seems to be drawing something I want to draw so I decided to draw chibi lolitas. Guess whos who! XD

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