July 24th, 2007

Meta lucky pack OP picture request

I was wondering if anyone did anything with their OPs? Like sewed some stuff on it, added extra bows and lace, etc. I'd like to see pictures of what you've all done with it please ^__^. I'm looking to buy one for my friend as her first lolita dress since her bust is rather big but I don't think she'll like it how it is by itself. Ideas are also appreciated!

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Tigger & Rabbit

(no subject)

Hello there folks! Well, my life was eaten by a certain litte book that came out over this past weekend, but now that that's all been taken care of, I think it's time to put up a few little pictures I took during this year's Otakon, July 20-22. Though I wore lolita last year, it was only this year that I actually hung out with lolis and did so many lolita-related events. Hope you all enjoy what I got!
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French Cafe

BABY's rings

Hello dear Lolitas!

I wanted to know of which material are BABY's rings made of?
And what experiences you had with them
are they good quality or would they turn grew and leave green on your fingers?

please tell me (^-^)