July 23rd, 2007

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Lolita Undies

I was doing some underwear shopping today and ran across the new Marie Antoinette line at Trashy. I thought some of the sweet lolitas on here might enjoy taking a look. The link is by no means pornographic but I probably wouldn't click on it at work. For those of you who watch Girl's Next Door that is the shop that Holly got her Marie Antoinette costume from.
EGA Picnic 5/09

Need some opinions/ideas for color coordinating

I am making a burgundy dress and I was thinking of using off white details.  However, I only have a black petticoat and don't have time to buy a new one.  How would black work?  Black details, black legwear.  Also, I only have black shoes.  I plan to buy other colors in the future, but for now this is what I have.  The dress is pretty standard, short poofy sleeves, square neckline, full skirt.  I was thinking of making the sleeves long since I thought that would match the drama of the black details.  What do you think?


candy violet pettis?

Hello there,
I have been browsing over the Candy Violet store for the past few days and I noticed that there regular petis are no longer there? Any idea why? I really would love to purchase one from them, I am thinking its just restocking but if anyone else has any further information that would be great!

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I have a quick question. Please forgive me if it's been asked before.

What are your opinions of Candy Violet? Particular on sizing and quality. Shipping and customer service are also a matter of importance for me. And I would appreciate it if your opinions is from a recent purchase. If your opinion is based of a sale from a long time ago- say, a year- you never know, over that amount of time Candy Violet may have changed for the better... or for the worse :/

And before you say "Look in the Memories!", I did. It didn't help me :P
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<3 James May <3

Brisbane EGL Mini Photoshoot

I met for the first time the GORGEOUS  shieldkittenfor a photoshoot  in town with the fantastic chamellieon, and Micheal (and our man bag Timmy)

They wanted some photos for their portfolio and we were only too happy to oblige, they say that they want some more group EGL shoots in the future and with more notice before hand will do another Lolita shoot soonish.

This is only a fraction of the photographs taken, when I get the rest I'll spam up this community with just one more HUUUUUUUGE photo post since they took almost 300 photos of us.

You see me rollin' they hatin'....

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Gothic Lolita/Punk jewellery?

Okey, I´m not sure it´s okey to ask this..

I´m looking for pics at a special lippiercing-jewellery thingie.. it´s like a chain attached to you lipring and then of to one of your earrings - so your lip and ear is attached together in this chain. I have seen some Gothic Lolitas/Punk Lolitas wearing it. But now I can´t seem to find any picture >.<

So any tips?

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