July 22nd, 2007

The Lolita Heart

Hello hello!

I'm starting a new manga project and I'm making it based around lolitas. I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas for characters, stories, pictures or anything else to help me out with!

I'd really like to hear if you have any neat stories or things that have happened to you (or you've just heard about) to throw in. The best stories always happen in real life circumstances. Also, pictures of people you think would make good characters (even yourself if you'd like) or ideas for good personalities or traits. I'd really like to hear anything you have to say please ^^
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n.Naoto store question

^^; I know this sounds ridiculous, but does anyone know how to navigate to h.Naoto's sale section on their website? I've looked around, but I just find one or two random pieces on sale when (I think >>;) it's supposed to be a considerably-sized thing.


Anna house and Camden Market questions

A lot has been talked about where Anna House is concerned and their clothing, but does anyone know anything of their pettis? As in the poof, how long it lasts, etc.

Last question for those who have been to Camden market, I've heard theres a place there that sells Montreal Rocking horses, is this true? And for how much? My brother is going down there to go comic shopping and I'm wondering if it's worth getting him to buy me a pair, if they're even beening sold there.

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Is there another lolita community that is as active as this?
Also, i heard that there is going to be Baby stores opening in America. Can a person buy a store to start a franchise? If i wanted to work there would I be able to ?

Anyone want to have a lolita meeting at Mitsuwa ?

I like to visit Victorian and quaint towns around my neighbourhood and town that remind me of Daikanyama.

where can i find boots like this in Japan?


i'm looking for boots similar to these:

I'd like to know if there are any brand-name stores in Japan that sell boots similar to those. Specifically japan because i have a friend's friend who can help me buy them there.

If there's a webpage of the boots that i can view, that would help alot. Thank you! ^^
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Lolita clothing in Thailand

Hey guys,
I understand there have been a few requests for where people can buy lolita clothing in Thailand. I think i'm in Bankok for a day if i'm lucky and I understand there are some shops there! Could I just have the names of these places, someone kindly told me and I just...forgot! ^^;;
The majority of the time, I'm going to be in the North East part of Thailand, mainly Udon Thani (sp?). Does anyone know where I can get any type of Lolita clothing there? Even just cute jewlery!

If anyones based around that area and wants to meet up for a photoshoot (as I am a photographer) just email me greyhearts@hotmail.com.

Thanks guys!

South Florida~ Ft.Lauderdale Lolis?? ~

Hello everyone, *i'm new to livejournal, so i may make a couple mistakes; i apologize beforehand...*

I know intros are not allowed, so I have attached an intro inconspiculously #_# to a legititmate question; I checked the memories and ran a search, but nothing came up about any 'south' florida loli aficionados...so...hopefully I didn't miss anything about SoFla lolis because I REALLY don't want an angry horde of lace and frills and platform shoes politely kicking the crap outta me n_n. Yay!

I found lolis in O-town, but that is quite far from me @_@

If you've sensed a dark presence lurking around lately, it's been me. I've been lurking while oohing and awing at everyone's clothes and such. I am quite fascinated. I too love loli fashion, but i'm more of a very casual loli; I just add subtle touches of loli to all my outfits: bows, lace, petticoats, and my soon to arrive RHSs. Actually I was searching for pics of them and stumbled upon this site. It's very awesome indeed. In the future, I would like to lollify myself, but for now... i'm focusing on studying in japan and studying/photographing japanese fashion for next year. I'm attending FIU here in florida this fall.

one of my favorite animes is Nana, and it really inspired my lolli side ^_^ I've noticed plenty of Nana lovers as well, which is awesome.

so...to my intro

i'm 21, and i'm an english/photography/asian studies major. I would like to work for FRUits or something similar. My mother has been dress-making for over 30 years, and i suppose I got my love of fashion for her. She is planning to start a small business, and within that business I desperately want to have a sweet/eg/waloli+ line. But that won't be soon (starting a business is hard!!)

here are some pics of my subtle loli-influenced clothes...i had just come from an 9 hour shift from work so i was pretty hagged looking :P

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Dresses for taller girls?

I'm sorry for being such a burden, but ala's I'm having some troubles in wonderland :P

I've made a list of all the amazing dresses I wanted to buy, and waah... they're all too short except maybe one!
I'm about 5'9" (5'11" according to myspace, so who knows?) and I need dresses wich are about atleast 100cm tall ,but even that might be too short.
Are there any shops that custom make dresses wich are good quality? (I know of Anna House, but I'm looking for something more Gothic Lolita and they mostly have Sweet Lolita, so meh :3 and it isn't that good of quality I read, so... )

Or does anyone have a solution for dresses that are too short? :3

TIA n___n
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short lolis

How do you deal with jsks, skirts, and onepieces if you want brand name stuff and they're too long for you? Do you even bother with getting it knowing that it'll be lower than what is seen on other girls?

I have this problem especially since I'm 4'11" ._.; I'm kinda a beginner loli as well, and I'm quite tempted to buy some things but am not sure of myself. I wish jsks, skirts, and onepieces could end at my knee, but it'd probably be something of the likes of erololi on taller girls.
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