July 21st, 2007

Sparkle Klaus.

A small picture-post from yesterday.

Some of the Edinburgh lolis met up yesterday, not for a formal meetup but just to hang around my flat eating pizza.  veilchenblauglass_bubbleguma_solitary_soul and I were all there, but only a_solitary_soul ended up posing for photos, as I’m very ill and look a complete state, veilchenblau wanted to plan a better co-ordinate for her new dress, and glass_bubblegum prefers being behind the camera (she's very good at it, too!).

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Some questions of shopping in Tokyo


I'm having my first trip to Japan in a couple weeks (Aug 9-27) and I try to collect all the useful !shopping! information as possible. ^^ Sorry if these questions are asked 3958573 times in here, but since I couldn't find any help from the FAQ or memories, I gathered my courage and post here for the first time.

1) KERA has variety of shops that sell various different brands, but does it carry only those brands that don't have shops on their own (like VM's Beth.. if I've understood correctly)? And, if KERA shops carries a brand item that could be purchased in the brand's own store, is there a noticeable (more than 15 dollars or 10 euros) difference between the prices?

2) Is it usually possible to reserve an item for a day or two in lolita shops? If yes, how should I present myself in Japanese? I do know the basic knowledge of Japanese, but I could use a few easy sentences like "do you have a smaller/larger size/this item in other color" or "can I try this on, please?"

3) This is super stupid question, but I'd like know for sure: Is the bust measurement of the dresses/blouses shown on the brands' websites measured under the breasts (i.e. chest) or not (i.e. on the top of the breasts)?

4) Is there a list of possible brand shops in Kyoto?

5) How big is the price difference of Vivienne Westwood items in Japan compared to UK? Is it completely stupid idea to purchase for example second-hand VW goods from Japan if you assume that I usually don't have an access to VW shops (except online)?

6) Does BTSSB's have a shop dedicated to Alice and The Pirates-line or can I find the same amount AaTP clothing in every BTSSB store?

Ok, that's about it :D Thanks in advance! Most likely I'm going to just hang around and hopefully bump into the jsk of my dreams. I'm no newbie to lolita style and I've already read the memories, Sumire's guide etc, but if there's any useful extra info you could provide I'd be glad to hear it. ^-^