July 20th, 2007

AP magic1

Final contest update

I greatly apologize but the design contest results will not be posted until tomorrow.
I'm afraid my work was overrun tonight and I did not have time to properly
size and organize the photos.
Many apologizes!
They will be posted as soon as I get a free moment tomorrow morning!
Thank you for your patience and all the wonderful entries  ^-^

Twinkle Mermaid artwork

I recently bought a Twinkle Mermaid piece and I want to make a hard purse featuring the artwork to match (yes, I know I shouldn't use Imai Kira's artwork, I was here for the stealing-artwork discussion and I'm not going to sell the purse or anything, so please don't beat up on me about it. It's not going to change my mind.) Does anyone have the Twinkle Mermaid artwork? I have the piece featuring the girl wearing the JSK, but I was wondering whether the actual mermaid print was ever made into artwork that can be printed out.
If all goes well, I promise to take pics and a tutorial of how to make a purse like it~!
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hey...does Ling-Lam usually have somewhat slow shipping times?

I ordered something from her about 9 days ago and nothing as of. I know it's being shipped from asia and I live on the east coast so it's not goign to show up on my door immediatly. Just checking though. I just remember my order from RTBU came like THAT. o_o

Dallas Meetup Reminder

Just a reminder to all the Dallas/North Texas Lolitas! We're meeting tomorrow night at 7:30 at the Samuell-Grand Amphitheatre for Shakespeare in the Park! We'll be seeing Romeo and Juliet, and enjoying a picnic dinner with shared desserts! Clicking on the picture will take you back to the original post with more details. Look forward to seeing everyone!


I have this cute fabric...but what should I do with it?

It was so loli (and reminded me of one of the spring dresses) that I had to get it...but being more on the gothic, punk, and aristocratic sides, I'm not sure what to do with something so cute >_>

I have 1 1/4 yards and no way to get more locally, so any suggestions?

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It's more green than the picture shows...I'd say a vintage mint? Thanks for the help in advance!

Lolita Dinner~

Hi everybody!

I'm going to be going to a picnic meet-up tomorrow, and we're all supposed to provide our own dinner. Can anybody suggest something cute to make? I've already made and decorated some cookies, but I need something for dinner, not dessert!

I suppose the obvious choice would be to make cute cucumber tea sandwiches, but it seems as if everyone is bringing those. If worst comes to worst and I run out of time, I'll do that. But for now, does anyone have any suggestions or recipes for me?

Thank you!