July 19th, 2007


Texans: Opera, anyone?

This is nothing official yet, as these dates are a bit far off still. I am merely curious as to if there is any interest from anyone else.
For Central Texas Area Lolitas (all, what, three of us?), Austin Lyric Opera released their 2007/2008 Season, which includes:
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I plan on attending either SIMPLY THE BEST, or CARMEN, though it's a good possibility that I will be attending both. Is there anyone in the area interested in a get together around one of these performances?
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Wearing Gold and Silver

I have a problem with wearing gold and silver jewelry. I've always thought that wearing both together would just make my outfit badly coordinated, like black and brown leather together. I have this silver BtSSB watch and a silver BtSSb ring that I wear nearly every day. A while ago I bought a gold and pink baby necklace that I haven't worn too much because i'm afraid it will clash with the silver. I'm wondering if it will look bad if I wear a gold necklace and earrings with a silver watch and ring. I just thought that the gold would be more towards my face while the silver would be near my torso, so it wouldn't be as noticeable. I really don't want to take off the watch once in a while so I can wear the necklace because I can't stand not knowing what time it is and it's the most expensive jewelry I own, so I want to wear it as much as I can. I'm wondering if I could get some suggestions on this.


I want to know how the prices for Angelic Pretty, BTSSB etc are in the stores in Tokyo.
Are they higher than the prices on the site or the same?
Thank you ^_______^
sweet lolita

Dressing for the Smaller Lolita

I've been on a bit of a writing kick lately, so I wrote an article. I've never read any hints for lolita with smaller-than-average measurements, so I decided to compile some. n_n

Comments are always helpful; I'm sure there are things I have missed.

Also, if you find any spelling/grammar errors, please let me know. I have a hard time proofreading my own writing.

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Beautiful Wolf
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Btssb Heart buckle shoes - red?


What kind of red is Btssb Heart buckle shoes? I want them to match with this dress and cardigan.


(I have to admit, I´m not sure even these two items will match together >.<)

Here´s a picture at the Heart buckle shoes..


But then I thought about these shoes instead:


So is there anyone here that owns one of these Btssb shoes?

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the swan

brand coat

Hello everyone!
It's so hot it burns x_x but I'm a provident loli so I was already thinking about a coat for on-coming winter.
There's anyone here (I think so xD) who own a brand coat and can tell me if  are they  warm  enough?

And what about replicas like F+F ones? Are the warm the same way, much more or less?


Need outfit help!

Hello, well, first of all I have to say that I'm completely new to lolita, I have heard of it ofcourse and known it for a pretty long time, but I have never worn it before and I'm planning on purchasing a dress or a skirt/blouse.
I've looked through all the lolita clothing sites I could find and all the dresses are wonderful, but I can't make up my mind, and maybe I oversaw a dress or two (as there are so many), and Im not sure if the dresses would fit me, as well, in look good on me, so I could use some help with finding dresses that wouldn't make me look like I was the result of a marshmellow party :3

I prefer gothic lolita style, as Im not really into sweet loli, I think it might look a bit odd on me as I have pink hair..

I dont care what brand or what the price is btw, I was saving up to go to Japan with my best friend, but the trip got cancelled so I've got money to spend :) And don't worry about accesoires as I will buy them when I found a nice dress or skirt/blouse combination :3
Ah, and do loli dresses look nice on tall people? D=

Anyway, links to pics of me, as I somehow can't make a cut D=

I don't think lip rings are very loli, are they? XD

Sorry if posts like these aren't allowed... :3

Edit to add: I ment fit as in look good on me, I'll be pretty sure I check the sizes before I order ;)
ETA2: Thank you for all the sweet comments :D
ETA3: I found my dream dress! http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/nobara/088081.html
It's polyester though, but I totally love the design and it reaches about knee length, I love it n___n And it's probably the only dress that would reach knee length at me ;___;
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Texas B&B weekend?

Sorry for being super poster lately, but would there be any interest in a B&B getaway weekend like the one that was just recently put on by the NW/Chicago Lolitas? I was thinking Granbury since there's allot to do in the area (carriage tours, riverboat cruises, day spas, wine tasting, etc), and for some time next spring (either March, April, or May depending on everyone's schedules) but I wanted to make sure there was enough interest first. Also, how much money would everyone be willing to spend for the weekend? Thanks, everyone!

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Image search!

I am searching for any and all images of hime-loli. This includes everything, including dresses that seem exceedingly hime. Right now the images I have are from Himeka Shirosaki's blog.

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