July 18th, 2007

Lolita bows

So, I was cleaning today, and I came upon bows my mother made me when I was younger. She loves to sew, and made myself and my sister many jumpers, dresses (and bows:)). I was very excited because I realized I could (hopefully) pair them with some of my Lolita things!:)
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Thanks for looking:) (I hope this is allowed:-\)
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ME Lolis?

I'm wondering if there are any lolitas in Maine, specifically in the DownEast and Acadia areas (Ellsworth, Trenton, Mount Desert Island, Bangor, Brewer)? I'm going to be in Maine for ten days at the end of this month (July 28th through the 5th of August); my birthday is on the 31st. I'm wondering if anyone would like to get together and just have a small meetup somewhere and say hello. ^_^

Lolita Lola question

I apologize in advance if this question doesn't have a place here; I did check the memories and through the search but didn't find anything on my question..

I placed an order for rocking horse shoes with Lolita Lola on monday of last week through MSN (since I read in the memories that the e-mail doesn't work) and she told me that they would be sent out the next day via EMS since they had my size in stock at the time.

I was wondering if I'm supposed to get an email or an invoice of some sort from her after payment? Lola seems pretty reliable based on everyone else's experiences, but I just couldn't really find any info on how the things go/how long things take once the order is placed.

Thank you very much for any help you might be able to offer!


Question answered, thanks anyway! (to those who might be wondering) You can just talk to her again later and she'll have a tracking number for you.
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Okay, so everyone knows that the general concensus is that bodyline = suck. But I also know that from time to time they make the occasional decent peice. I'm planning on getting told to save my money for brand, but I actually think this jumperskirt is cute. I know AP has made a similar one, but I don't really feel like dropping 350+ on one (especially when I'll have to crush my boobs to make it work...) Can anyone tell me how the quality is? I know its got a good bit of lace- but its that flower trim kind that I see a lot in brand outfits. It doesn't look like its a bad wonky shape either... Does anyone know anything about it? I'd love to see a picture of it on a real person if anyone owns it.

Thanks in advance

donkey skin

update on the scammer hitsuki

you guys might (maybe?) remember this entry i made a few months back about the livejournal user hitsuki being a scammer. as far as i know, no one ever received their items. i came across some more info, alternate journal names and such, and thought i should post them here so people would have a heads-up. i'm sorry this is so late, i have been crazy busy.

for more info, refer to this post here:


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please email me at ssyhughes AT yahoo dot com or leave me a comment if you have any more info. if you had a bad experience, PLEASE leave bad feedback on loligoth_dbs and reportthem.

Coordinate Me!

Okay, so this is just an idea, but I thought it might be fun.

It's kind of like paper dolls. You post a comment on here with a picture of you in "normal"/non-lolita clothes and a headshot (just so people get a better idea of how you look), and then other people reply to it with coordinates they think would look good on you. I thought it might be fun to see what kind of loli or what brands suit you that you might not have thought yourself.

It doesn't have to be a whole outfit, it could be just a few items, a single one, or whatever you feel like! :D

If this isn't loli enough, just tell me and I'll delete it.

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Spring Lolita

Community sales?

Is anyone else having problems with the EGL community sales LJ group? It says they haven't added you as a friend for a few people, and I was wondering who I needed to talk to in order to fix this? Without this you cannot sell or post a comment (and there is a few things I would like to get from people and can't!!)


<3 James May <3

2 New Skirts!

Yaaaaaah! Its Casual Co-ordinates.... Corner... time... *sniff* Aherm, I recently bought and comissioned two skirts from the wonderful chucks_bitch   and I figured I'd try my hand at cobbling together a casual outfit to go with.

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Uhm, wut?

I dunno if this has been mentioned before, but...
I just spotted something on a rather new Lolita message board (Rorita Directory) that has confused me greatly. Angelic Pretty was originally placed in a sub-board for "Japan Only" stores, as in shops that only ship within Japan...and it has been moved to the "International Shipping" board because of this comment here:

"umm could you move this they ship out side of Japan too! I have several dresses coming in from there!" and she is listed as living in Hawaii...

At first I thought "no way, she's got to be mistaken..." but if she has some coming in....Does Angelic Pretty suddenly ship to the US, or does Hawaii just get special privileges because they're so close? I'm confused now. ._.;

Please correct me if I'm totally off base here...I have heard nothing about AP shipping to anyplace but Japan, but it's possible I missed something.
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expanding a skirt waist?

I got reimbursed for some transportation fees from my work today, so like a responsible person I ran to the lolita shops during my lunch break and went shopping... lol. I didn't have a lot of time, but that's ok, because I knew exactly what I wanted-- this skirt, which was on sale for a great price, and, according to the site, would fit just fine (the pants I've been buying lately have been 68cm-70cm, and the site says something like this will expand from 62-70 cm)
I didn't have time to try it on, so I trusted that it would fit...
see where this is going?

Anyway, the skirt is just too tight. I can get it on and closed and everything, but it isn't really attractive and it's not all that comfortable either T_T

I don't speak very good Japanese, so I don't think I'd be able to take it to a tailor. Does anyone have any recommendations for what I could do, other than a bunch of situps (which I AM working on, lol)?
I read somewhere on this community or the sales comm that someone once cut the elastic in their skirt and that made it bigger. Is this likely to work, or will I just ruin a beautiful skirt trying?

Any help would be appreciated :D
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AP magic1

Last Call!

This is the last call for entries for the design contest!
I will post the winner tomorrow night and if you don't have your entry in by then than I apologize but it won't be counted.