July 17th, 2007

BTSSB Maximum Stretch in Bust?

I tried searching for this via LJ Seek and got nowhere quickly (a bunch of sales posts, basically), so please excuse me if this has been asked.

In Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, what is the maximum bust size I should expect when purchasing an OP? Are the measurements on the site exact, or could I probably get an extra centimeter below or above what's listed? Naturally, shirring will give a little more stretch, but what about garments without shirring? Any thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated. I find that I'm usually a centimeter or a half too busty for many of their OPs. :'(

I would be thankful for similar answers on Angelic Pretty, too. ♥
Sweet Lolita

Washington DC/ Cambridge Mass Area Lolitas

Hello everyone! I might be moving from Seattle to either Washington DC(dupont circle), or Cambridge MA in the near future. We are moving because of my girlfriend's work, and so I can work on getting art galleries on the east coast to show my art. Do any lolitas live in these areas? Can you suggest neighborhoods that I would either want to live in, or visit? I'm leaving this Fiday to Cambridge for the weekend, and I just got back from visiting Washington DC, which was fun. I really really appreciate it! *Hugs* -Andie-chan

How to Clean Ribbon Headdress?

I've got a 2nd Hand WHITE BabySSB Headdress

It's used and it's white
So I've got some light stains on the Headdress
The bow got a little wonky in the mail too

I'm a perfectionist and pretty desperate to clean/straighten it out
but I have a few concerns =3="

1) There is wire in bow. So is it safe to use water? or Do i have to Dry clean it?

2) Still about the wire. My bow is one long piece of  fabric folded in to look like a double bow. Like so, the red is wire. Do I pull out the entire thing to clean and iron? But then I'm worried about the wire snapping if i do that too much

3) Is there any way to iron it? There is some thin ruffled lace on the edge of the bow that looks impossible to iron, but the lace keeps flipping over and it looks like one big crumple T^T

Thanks in Advance~!
Candy Fairy

Brand Berets

I remember seeing berets being sold by certain brands but its not the right season for berets right now. 

Does anyone remember which brands sold berets and if anyone has pictures of them to share?

I found a few on the Heart E website but...the whole site messes up on my laptop.


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Lolita dollies!

Ultra-recent post about Jenny x Kera collaboration inspired me this...
I'm a great fan of dolls, especially of fashion dolls like Pullip, Blythe, Momoko and dollfie of course!They are so cute and can fit perfectly loli clothes <3
So has anyone this passion too?for any kind of dolls...c'mon girls, show me your loli-dolls collection *°w°*
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Going To Florida

HAY YOU GAIZ!! xDDD Im going to Florida on July 27-31st to pick up a car my grandma wants and was wondering if there are any lolita's who would like to arrange a little meetup? I want it to seem like a random occurance so maybe at a specific store at a specific time? I dunno, right now I want to see how many are around where I am going.
Im going to be in Clearwater so...any takers? xDD
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bikini kill riot grrrl

Washing and appliques.

Just wondering, has anyone ever had any problems with washing your loli clothes and having the appliques damaged or anything. I have the AP cupcake dress and im worried if i wash it in the future it might damage the applique cause its felt.

Also, whats that product that you can put on fabric (usually for couches and such) that protects against stains.. and has anyone used it, and would you recomend using it on clothes. I remember someone mentioned it in a comment to a post once a long time ago but i cant find it.

bikini kill riot grrrl

What ya gunna do with all that junk..

dont mean to be miss post-a-lot lol
but I have a huge buttload of pink non-ply(i think thats what its called?) fleece and i have no idea what to do with it i already made a full length coat last year.. and some mittens.

Is there anything else i can make with all this fleece thats lolita?
i have a LOT of it lol.
and im bored.
i know its kinda out of season but still >_>..

Momo's Handicrafts and Cosplay Maid Uniforms Outlet

Has anyone bought from the eBay stores Momo's Handicrafts or from yukata_japan's outlet? I am getting my first job so I have little money and would like to buy multiple dresses from small stores rather than one big dress from, say, Metamorphose. Has anyone bought from these stores?
Link to Yukata_japan's store, since less people have heard of it:
(I am new to LJ as of today, so I am sorry about any comment screening issues like my last post, which I got 31 rude replies to. I am sorry for the inconvenience and would like to start over.)

EDIT: What about Cosmates? I know I'm told to stay away from the word "cosplay" but there is nothing on the page for the one-piece I wanted saying that the quality is not good enough for real fashion, like some other dresses.
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Japan Expo & Nana Kitade @ Btssb Paris

On July 6th, 7th and 8th was held Japan Expo, one of Europe's biggest cons near Paris, France. Around 83.000 people came.

Besides various cosplay events, there was a Laforêt Harajuku fashion show featuring Algonquins, Baby, the stars shine bright & Alice and the Pirates, A mon avis, Angelic Pretty, Atelier Pierrot, Black Peace Now, Casper John, Emily Temple cute, Putumayo, Sexy Dynamite London, Stigmata, and Super Lovers.
Nana Kitade also modelled during said show and then sang a couple of her most famous songs.
Other famous guests included Kana, Hakuei, Yoshiki, Visual Kei band Dio-Distraught Overlord, and Maki & Asuka [illustrator & designer for AP].

In other words, it was the perfect setting for a couple of meet-ups :]

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On Monday, july 9th, Nana Kitade was invited at 4pm at the BABY Paris shop to sign autographs.
We decided it was the perfect occasion to meet up again.

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the pictures are pretty much from all over the place and i lost track where i got them from, so sorry for the lack of credits :/

anyway, thanks for looking :]

Pocket JSK picture request

I was wondering if I could see pictures of people wearing the Pocket JSK from BABY and their coordinations? I'm in the process of buying one but I don't know how to wear it. I'm getting the white one btw but I don't mind if you show me yours in pink, black, etc. Do tights work best? or knee highs? What kind of shoes look good? Blouse or no blouse? Please help me answer these questions ^_^. Also, did they make a blue one by any chance?