July 16th, 2007



Hey there~

From your experience, about how long does it take to recieve a package from Celga after sending the online shipping form? Specifically, if you live in the US about how many days does it take?
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How often do they sell luckypacks? I thought it was just a new years thing.  Maybe they don't sell them any other time and I'm just crazy, but I was just wondering.
Thank you ^_^
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Problems With Rose Chocolat shoes

I just got my Rose Chocolat shoes, and although the shoe itself fits great and I'm very happy with the product, the strap won't fit over my humongous arches (it's about a half inch too short). Has anyone else had this problem? Is it something that can be fixed by a shoemaker, or am I going to have to sell them? I'd really rather not, as I need these shoes for Otakon.

Fabric Question

There's a certain kind of lolita-ish print that I have a terribly hard time finding, and I was wondering if it has some kind of name that would make searching for it easier.
OR, if you know of any fabric sites that sell it online, a link would be muchly appreciated!
It's a print of some flowers (usually roses) surrounded by a circle of vines and leaves.

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Dallas Meetup Update

Well, the latest weather forecast says that it's supposed to start raining Saturday morning and persist all day long! x.x If the show does get rained out, then we'll be heading to one of the La Madeleine cafes in Dallas. There are allot to choose from! I mapquested all of them, and found that there are at least 22 in the area! I think the one that's on Mockingbird would probably be the easiest for everyone to find since it's right off the highway, but I'm not that familiar with all of Dallas, so if anyone has another suggestion, please let me know!
Does everyone still want to try and meetup for Shakespeare in the Park, or would it be easier just to forgo the park and head straight to the cafe? Thanks everyone!

Celga, Inc. Information

A lot of people have questions about Celga recently...

So I made this mini-faq on lj for people to read!

Please keep in mind that the best way to get answers to your questions is to just email us or read the longer, more extensive faq on the website. I only cover the basics in the lj mini-faq.

General Questions, Auctions, Non-EGL Website Orders, Shipping, and Warehouse Inquiries: bustakei@yahoo.com
Account Inquiries: billing@celga.com
EGL Orders: Celga, Inc. EGL Website

- Please don't leave any comments here regarding your personal account ;_;

Celga, Inc. LJ Mini-FAQ Page

I hope this helps! ^_^
all girls need nana

Sizing help!

I know Baby and Meta runs at about a size 8. Is there anyone out there (size 2 or 0) that have had a jumper or one piece successfully altered? By a professional seamstress? Is this a possibility? :(

I've been casually into the sweet lolita style (non brand) and I'm highly interested in going all out and purchasing a jumper or a sleeveless one piece, possibly, as wedding dress for a simple summer wedding next year.

Is this an impossibility? XD Especially with all the detailing on the dresses? In the past I've had dresses altered for New Years', Prom, etc.. But only from about a size 4 to a size 2 in the bust area. ;_;

I have seen one dress listed on Baby as petite.. Does anyone know the exact size? Would anyone recommend a different brand for smaller girls? I can't imagine that all Japanese girls are about a size 8 :I

Please let me know if this post violates the community rules.

Thanks in advance!!! :D
Tigger & Rabbit

Surprise find at Macy's!!

Hello there Lolitas,
Well, I was thinking I wasn't going to get another lolita outfit until the end of summer...but I guess I was wrong. Yesterday I was shopping at Macy's, and I found the cutest dress there from American Rag. When I first saw it, the first thing I thought of was one of my fashion icons, Twiggy. It also reminded me of Meta's A-line series, the one no one seems to like^^ I decided to see what I could coordinate it with, and here it is. I think it could do pretty well for a casual look, and I'm rather fond of it!
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Delurking or n00b post.

Hello, I've been into the Gothic and Lolita fashion for quite some time. Dabbling in and out of it, winning and failing, you get the idea for about...eh....roughly a year and a half/two years.
I enjoy sewing and I've been sewing since the beginning of this year; my first project was a lolita skirt that I kinda dived into. My second one was a grey skirt that I turned into a jumper and my recent one was a skirt in which I felt like I've outdone myself.
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I'm sorry if this is totally inappropriate and not allowed...

I will remove it of this is the case.

The thing is, I am trying to order some Lolita stuff from Celga, and having a few problems.
Firstly and most urgently:
I am trying to buy from Angelic Pretty, but for some reason nothing on the webshop has an item URL. It just shows up in my browser as www.angelicpretty.com/ . Celga requires a full item URL and no matter what I do I can't seem to get one. Aaaargh! Has anyone else experienced this/similar problems? Any suggestions? Should I just explain in the oder form what has happened?

Also, is it OK to order from more than one brand at a time? I checked the FAQ but couldn't find anything, and sent a message yesterday, with no reply. D:

Sorry again if this isn't OK to be posted here. I'm just really desperate for help. I want to place the order ASAP, as i'm worried about the JSK i'm after selling out.

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Design advice/help

Wow my first real post... yaaaay!  Anywho, I'm looking for some advice.  Saturday I started sewing a dress from this adorable material I found on saie for a friend of mine  and I kinda got stumped.  But so far this is as far as I've gotten.
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I dont know your name (im terribly sorry) but you were the one in the pigtails in this picture http://kaorte.muramune.com/Picture1583.jpg and remember when your sister drove me to downtown ann arbor and we nearly got lost? xD WELL!!! I left my Camera equipment in your car (its in a black bag) and I need it back asap because I have a movie to shoot with my friend that needs to be shot and edited before I leave for florida in two weeks so If anyone remembers their name or if its you PREASE tell me so I can arrange something. Maybe this saturday in ann arbor because I ALSO forgot my nightdress and brush over at margarets =P (stupid me, forgetting all this stuff)
So PLEEEEASE! I need the stuff. and I wanna upload our videos from the meetup but I cant because I have no battery and I need it to upload onto the computer.
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