July 15th, 2007

red riding hood

lolita + steampunk... a work in progress!!

well, i had this pair of thrifted shoes that were a bit lackluster. after attacking them with bronze paint, and a gold paint pen, a handful of spare gears, and some trims...this is what evolved. Unusual, i know, but i think it was a fun effort!
not typical lolita for certain, but i think they would look cute with a black jsk i have, and maybe some black socks instead...or my brown ruffled skirt, white button-up a ribbon tie and clockwork brooch. and of course, my steampunk lolita mini hat!
:D i should do a full outfit post soon for the full effect.

i might add a bit more black lace to the inside of the back, and the cross strap.

feel free to delete this if it's not lolita enough. x_x

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Marriage equality!

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So I ordered some Rocking horse shoes from Ling Lam, and I got an e-mail saying she'd processed the payment on Tuesday, July 10th.

So how long does it usually take for the shoes to arrive? (I'm an impatient little beast. o-O; )

Also, I've heard that some people have had trouble with her in the past, so when is it time to open a PayPal dispute, just in case? I read over the What To Do If You Are Scammed On Ebay  thing, but it was kind of unclear as to when you should open a dispute.

Also, lolita/egl Winamp skins. Anyone know where to find any?

Thanks ever so much, and when I FINALLY have my RHS, expect pictures. Lots of pictures.

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Photo Request

Hey there!

Does anyone have any photos of hard lolita purses? As in, purses that are pretty much boxes?
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I went to Micheal's earlier today and bought a plain wooden box. Since I've no lolita purses and since Otakon is only a couple days away I'm planning on making the box into a purse. But I can't find enough inspiration. ^_^'
Please help!

Oh, also, does anyone have photos of AatP's treasure chest purse?
Thanks a bunch!
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Anna House

Did anyone order some red size 37 shoes from Anna House fashion and get a different pair? I ordered some white ones that were size 41, but I think they screwed up the order.

If so, perhaps we could swap them?

I think it would be quicker than sending them all back to Anna House, and who knows, maybe safer too. Maybe they would just mix it up again.

Also, has Anna house done this to anyone before, and if so, how did you deal with it?


A reminder and further information!

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There is no rainy date for this meetup, and no alternative plan as of this moment. If the weather sucks, then the weather sucks, and short of rain there is no reason why we will not be having this picnic. I'll keep you posted on alternative planning!

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Pics from my birthday party (2007.6.30)

Well, my birthday was on June 24 and on June 30 I had a little birthday party with some friends here in Düsseldorf. After having lunch at a Japanese restaurant we went to the Hofgarten (a beautiful park~ ♥) where we took some pictures.
Well, and I thought that I could share some of them with you.
So...here they are ^-^

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Which Shopping Service?

I'm hoping to order from Angelic Pretty soon and, since they don't ship internationally, i'll be using a Shopping Service.  I hope this isn't too minor or off-topic to post here, but does anybody have any reccomendations as to which service is most reliable? (Particularly when ordering from AP)

The thing is, i'll have to use my mum's paypal and she's not too sure about the whole idea, so a bit of feedback might help to put her mind at ease. (Not like she's paying for it, but I appreciate her concern). I was thinking *maybe* Celga, as they have a section of their company devoted to buying Lolita, so i'd be extremely grateful if anyone could give me an idea of what sort of service to expect from them or anyone else.
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Question: IW

I remember reading that there is an actual Innocent World store in Tokyo, not only the Kera Angel Shop which carries IW.

Is that true or am I remembering some crap?

And can anyone (Lolis in Japan maybe?) tell me where it is, or draw a lil' map? If it exists, that is. I looked at the shop list site but went D: because I didn't understand much.

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question re: umbrellas

I have looked through the FAQ's, memories, handbook, etc and i am still a little confused.  I am a noob and will attempt my first lolita outfit at otakon this week. i want to carry a parasol but don't have one. i have an umbrella in the corresponding color to my outfit but it doesn't have lace or ruffles.  Is this still approptiate?  Should i take time to add lace?  if so how do i attach it? Also i am going for Country Lolita so do i even need one?  i have a straw hat to wear.

thank you for any help you can provide . ^_^

(EDIT):  Question answered, thank you to everyone that answered me.

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Otakon Tea Party (Last Update!)

Well, the time is almost here--in only a few short days it'll be time for Otakon again! This post is just a reminder to those planning to attend the tea party at Teavolve when/where it is, and to organize some sort of "getting there" solution.

Who: All of the people who RSVPed! There are 19 of us, so it will be a decent crowd.
What: An elegant yet casual luncheon/tea event
Where: Teavolve, in Fells Point. 1705 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21231
When: Friday 12 (noon)- 2pm (though I will have to leave a bit earlier than that to get back in time for my gofer shift)
Why: To take a break from pre-con hassles and to get in the mood for the convention
Extra Notes: Please check out this post on my journal to get my phone number if you'll need it.

Also! I mentioned this before and there was some interest: does anyone want to do a cab buddy system? The tea house is more than a mile away from the convention center, and I would really feel uncomfortable if anyone tried to walk there. I know I'm planning to catch a cab, as I'm a lazybones, but if anyone wants to plan to meet up and share fares, this is the place to organize that. I'll be at the Charles Street Entrance at 11:15, if anyone wants to ride with me. I'd love the company, as I'm not really comfortable with cabs. If you do plan to ride with someone, please be prompt, or don't whine when you're left behind!

Again, please try to make it to one of the three Lolita/Japanese Fashion panels this year! They're all run by members of the community, and many of our members will be modeling in them, so please come out and show your support!
VM thought

A MD loli in PA

The Pennsylvania lolitas invited the Maryland lolitas to join them for a stroll at Longwood Gardens, but due to circumstances, only I made it up. The 2 hour drive was definitely worth it. Everyone was well dressed and awfully sweet. The scenery was in one word, breathtaking. It was a beautiful day to boot.

(Please use the slideshow for the complete set of pictures in full effect and bigger.)

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Lace & necklace

Another BABY+paypal query

I feel stupid asking about BABY's paypal, since in the search engine there were a few posts about it, and even a little tutorial, but they didn't seem to answer this question so I thought I'd ask anyway.

I use my boyfriend's brother's Paypal to buy anything online (I'm still pushing the boyfriend to get one for me to use DX) so I don't deal with paypal directly. I ordered during the week, got my reply from BABY, and we were going to pay tomorrow, but I don't know what to tell BABY after that. Just "I payed!", or do I need to (find out, and) give them his paypal address as well? And... anything else?
Bah, such a simple question.. I probably did miss something in the search.

Every other time I've used his Paypal it's been through a cart, but this time it's just paypal to paypal, and through e-mail. It's a little scary to be honest XD

Thank you ^^;

Resolved; for anyone with the same sort of query lurking around.. Product code and your name in the Paypal comment box is the answer I got. Thanks asa_chan!

Anyone ordered from F+F recently?

It may just be my impatient-ness but F+F seems to be taking a long time, without even sending an email or a tracking number. Plus I had (my mother NEVER listens to my advice) a little mix-up with ordering and we sent an email to sort it all out but no reply to that either.

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This past Saturday July 14th, us Michigan Lolita's got together on a rather "regular" Michigan day (Cloudy, rainy, and ugly, but it cleared up at around 5pm). We visited the Matthaei Botanical Gardens in Ann Arbor! We enjoyed a picnic of sorts (lots of yummy goodness). And then we walked around the gardens and nature paths taking pictures along the way. I don't feel like doing commentary, I am so tired XD.
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white lolita

photoshoot Utrecht 15-07-2007 (the netherlands)

[info]riona_chan  & I had a photoshoot with a photographer, my boyfriend also was there and also took some pictures:
(due to resizing the pictures the quality went bad)
Pictures of the photographer will come later when I get them all.

It was a hot day, modeling is hard! Yes it really is! Standing with oneasy shoes on oneven places and stuff.
But still it was a fun day and a fun exspirience.

photographer working.

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