July 14th, 2007

Mbok and Y!Japan

HOW DO I USE THESE THINGS >__<? I feel so ridiculous because I just do NOT know how to find the items I want on there. I've tried translating it but I still can't find anything. Can someone teach me how to use these sites?

a question for those with BABY bonnets

So, I was looking into buying a BABY bonnet, but before I put the money towards it, I was wondering about the sizing of them and if they run super small or not. I truly dont know my 'hat size' seeing as how im not a hat person, but I was just curious to see what people have experienced with the size of BABY's bonnets.

Any input is MUCH appreciated :D!


Avant Gauche?

Does anybody know what happened to it? It's been down for a while now! Did I miss something?

The main reason I need it right now is to find kodona/dandy photos... so if you have any will you please share? Thank you!
sweet lolita

detachable sleeve-swapping

          Is it possible to swap out the detachable sleeves on blouses, cutsews, or OPs? It would seem like they would all be about the same size, which would make this possible. The only difficulty I can see would changing the sleeves on items where the fabric doesn't match. However, I don't have enough items with detachable sleeves to try this out.

          Has anyone done this and does it work? (If not, why? Do they not fit; are the internal attaching buttons not aligned correctly; does it just look weird?)

          Thank you~! n_n
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URGENT- Attention MI lolis

For all those who are planning on attending the meet-up today, please meet in the parking lot and do not enter the gardens. We need to meet in the parking lot so we can decide what to do, since there are thundershowers today.


question about measuring

Sorry if this has been asked before and sorry that it's such a noob-ish question ^^;;
How do you measure the length of a JSK or OP? Like, where do you start measuring? The middle of the shoulder? Or somewhere completely different?
BTW, I looked in the memories, the FAQ and I used the search button but couldn't find anything.
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Stock Photos?

Okay- I know everyone hates these sort of posts but I'd really like to find the pictures of this set considering I own it- and never saved the stock photos.  I'm looking for the BTSSB "Alice is Sleeping" set photos for the Dress, Skirt, Bow, and Bag in white. If it came in other colours I'd like to see those too.

Thanks in advance. I hope someone saved them <3

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AP magic1

Design contest update!

This an update about the design contest posted here


The due date on entries has been extended to Tuesday instead of Monday.  I will take some entries as late as Wednesday morning but no later than that please.


(no subject)

Is anyone thinking about doing a baby or meta or anything order lately?

If so hook a brotha up! ( and by brotha I mean a puertorican girl who played hookie from work today)
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