July 13th, 2007

Keiyuu, kra

Punk?Goth?Inspi' Loli?

So, armed with a good 20m of evil synthetic lace my mum gave me and not many ideas, I decided to make a simple punk lolita/h.Naoto inspired black dress. I found a basic pattern in my Gosu Rori mag and altered it a bit but didn't realise what kind of trouble I got myself into D:~ (To be honest, I am more into classic lolita and up til now only made classic lolita dresses/skirts =_=)

(Yeah, I know this isn't exactly goth lolita nor punk lolita - I don't even know how to classify this dress anymore so feel free to delete this post if it's not relevant XD;;)


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For lolita with large feet..

So I've read a lot of posts on here about girls with size 11 (US) feet complaining about not being able to find shoes so I wanted to tell everyone I recently found some that fit :) The rocking horse shoes on http://stores.ebay.com/Little-Chili-Lolita-Shop say they go up to a size 43 or 10.5 so I tried ordering a pair. I thought they would be too small but they actually fit an 11 just fine. They are a similar size to some of my other size 11 dress shoes. The prices are also quite good and the quality was better then I expected :)

If anyone knows of any other sites carrying lolita shoes in 11 I'd love to know!
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does anyone know if the past winter lp meta skirts (black and white velor ones that didn't fit a lot of us) was ever put up on their site? i was trying to find it today.

p.s. i hope Avant Gauche gets back up and running soon. i miss it

Calling All Cheap Lolitas!

I made a GREAT find today! If you're in the market for a parasol but you don't have a lot of money to spend (and you don't really care about the quality of the parasol...) then head over to Michael's craft store!

I've found that the wedding section of craft stores has turned out to be quite useful. For example, the tops of my socks here are wedding garters that I attached to the socks!

But anyway, as I was browsing around in Michael's today, I found a VERY cute mini parasol for $9.99. Since it's in the wedding section, it's only in white. But if you're in a financial fix and you need a quick accessory for a sweet lolita outfit, this is probably a good idea for you! I can't find any photos of the parasol on the Michael's website, but it's all lace, and it looks most similar to this, but without the garish handle. And it's mini, so when opened, it's about 2 feet in diameter? Kind of like this. Anyway, if there's a Michael's near you, it's worth checking out.

I really wanted to get one, but I'm so broke that I can't even afford a $10 parasol xD how lame is that!

I hope this helped you out!
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A find at Target

For those of you trying to put together loli rooms, I found a cute vanity in a Target magazine and found it online. It only comes in white; you can find it here and the matching stool here.

Hope this helps you guys! Good luck with your loli rooms!
goth club

National Lolita?

I was just wondering if anyone had any updates about the National Lolita thing that was being planned. It seemed like there was a lot of planning going on @ the beginning of the idea & then it just seemed to stop. The nationalolita comm & website seem to be dead too.

Is it still being worked on or has the idea been abandoned?

Cheap lolita! Dx

So like, I'm a fairly stingy lolita. I have a budget of about 300 dollars every two weeks that has to meet all my needs.. for two weeks. >_>;
I'm a 15 year old girl living at home by the way. Just to clarify, it's solely for my own entertainment purposes, which are pretty minimal, but stretching it out over two weeks gets difficult. xD;
Also forgot to mention..
I'm paying 150 of that to my mother to pay  back a laptop... which is gonna string out till the end of the summer. x_x;
Should have mentioned that. ^_^;
Seeing by the reactions.. I know I'm fortunate... but I work hard for it, and like I said, I'm a bit stingy and am looking for a good deal.

So what I'm asking is, what stores are gonna give me the best selection of clothing (under my budget)? I'm talking quality/price ratio here.

Also. Have size 10 Lolis ever ordered shoes from Ling Lam? <3 They're adorable but I fear they won't fit me.