July 12th, 2007

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Being Comfortable In Other Weird Fashions, But Not Lolita?

I know there are a lot of these kind of posts, but I've never seen this particular thing covered and the post below my reminded me of this one thought. xD

I wore my first real Lolita outfit out and about not too long ago, but as I myself was expecting, I felt pretty self-conscious about it. (I did my best, however, in faking a confident exterior. xD)
Now I'm no stranger to out-there fashions, and I thought it was pretty funny how I could wear gawffy-gawf platform boots with numerous buckles, ripped up tights, way too much black makeup, etc. a few years ago and not feel self-conscious at all, and yet something so unoffensive as this could, and it got me thinking.
I was just wondering if anyone else not inexperienced in crazy outfits ever felt weird and uncomfortable in Lolita in the beginning, and specifically what kind of fashions they dabbled in.

I'm not asking for help or anything, just asking for stories. :B


Hey guys ^_^ I'm in need of a little help. I'm ordering from BTSSB and would also like to order a head bow with wire inside (so i can ajust the shape n stuff!). I've tried translating some pages but am not really sure which have wire, or if BTSSB even sells bows with wire. Could anyone lead me to some that are in stock?
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Score!/ Coordination Help

A few days ago, my sister and mom went to Macy's for the sale and ended up buying a few dresses for me. I almost just dismissed this dress, as outside of loli I'm *very* tomboyish, but then I looked at it a little closer and realized I loved it! And the best part? Only 17 (american) dollars.
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Possible NorCal Lolita Weekend

Ok, who else saw the great times the Chicago girls had on their lolita weekend and got a bit jealous? ;) I know I did. So I was wondering if there were enough of us in the central/northern california that would be interested in doing something very similar. We could book some rooms at a cute little bed & breakfast and do all sorts of fun stuff together.

1. Which month (October-January) would be best for you?

2. Would you prefer to do this during the week (when B&Bs are cheaper) or on a weekend (when most people already have time off work/school)?

3. Where would you prefer to do this? Carmel/Monterey, Halfmoon Bay/Pescadero, Capitola/Santa Cruz or San Francisco.

4. What type of activities are you interested in? Visiting aquariums, museums, art galleries, shopping in cutesy towns, going horseback ridding, beach adventures, a day of spa pampering. Those are just some examples, please list any other suggestions you may have.

5. Would you rather stay only one night to save money or two nights to get the most out of our time together?

6. Do you mind sharing a room with someone or do you need your own?

7. How much is the max you're able to spend on the room (per night).

Hair help!

I'm going to a Lolita meet up this Saturday and I recently got my hair cut in a non loli style. I need some help with how I could style it. I'm wearing a Black BTSSB jumper and black blouse.
Picture under the cut
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A Quick Question About Hair Solutions

I've recently been very into doing things with fake hair. I've had braids more times than I can actually remember, I made and wore my first set of dread falls this past Friday and Saturday, and now I want to move into the realm of loose hair. I've noticed that most people don't wear loli 24/7 and therefore don't need the hair constantly. I've been looking through sites at what's out there, checked the memories, and it seems like it would be fairly easy to make loose hair curled falls or things of that nature that simply clip in or tie on to a bun. But that leaves the question of whether anyone is interested in something like this. The most recent hair post and the cyber loli discussion a bit back spawned this idea in my head. Forgive me if this isn't allowed and sorry that this is text only. I currently don't have a camera and felt overly self-conscious in loli at ANext so I don't have any pictures to share.

Edit: I didn't mention installed solutions (because unless you lived in the Philadelphia area, I wouldn't be able to help you out at all) but I like getting opinions before charging off in a direction. I'm planning on making a few sets of falls to display (and possibly sell or wear) at conventions and things of that nature. I figured that a lolita loose hair set would be nice for someone like me, who chops off hair the second I decided, once again, to aim for some short, funky, totally non-loli style and change my mind within weeks.
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How long does baby take?

I'm in a bit of a dilemma, I have searced this topic but i didn't find anything conclusive. So how long does it take to get an item from baby after sending the first email?
I need a mini sailor hat by next sunday so I really want to know before ordering.

Thank you


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(no subject)

Does anyone have the BtSSB Red Riding Hood coat dress (the one with the actual hood, not the Red Riding Hood applique JSK) who could let me know the bust and waist on it?

Marie Antoinette OP pic request

Does anyone have the stock photos for BTSSB Antoinette OP? I'm thinking about making something similar and would like to see the details on the dress. I checked LJseek but all I could find was the ad from Kera, although there were ample pictures of the jsk. Any other pictures would also be greatly appreciated.
~*~Thanks in Advance~*~

Sudden change in style...?

Maybe I'm just giving myself an excuse to seek comfort and possibly helpful words of advice/wisdom or even personal experiences...but to those who it may apply to (and even those who it may not apply) how do you guys cope with a sudden change of image (gothic, loli, fruits, etc) to others (school, family, friends, etc)?

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a little worried

I purchased something on egl comm sale, But  I wanted to know how long the post should take. The person I bought off hasn't replied to my emails. Should I be worried yet? Im not worried about the time its taking but more about the person not replying. Has this happend to anyone recently?


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Candy Violet

I was just looking around on th web, and I am not sure if any of you like Candy Violet or not, but they just had a big update today, they added two new dress sets, I think they are very cute! They have a Rocco Dream Dress, and a Classic Princess Dress! 

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