July 11th, 2007

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Los Angeles/OC Meet up + Southern California Lolita Weekend Trip

Since many members will be heading to San Diego on the 27th, I plan to check if we can get reservations on August, 3rd 2007 for the Laguna Niguel Ritz Carlton meet up. I'll inquire about the pre-paid picnic baskets, but may end up just reserving spots for tea if it turns out to be too expensive. Look for updates soon~

Also, after seeing the lovely posts of the weekend lolita trip, I was thinking that maybe we SoCal lolitas could try for a similar event? :D (Other California lolitas are welcome of course.) However, Bread & Breakfast Inns in the California region tend to be pricey, as with most other things in California. So it may be over $100 per night, $150 or so being the average price. (T_T;; That really is the average price after much research.) Note though, that this would be split between a roomate or two. ^^;; It is expensive, so I am looking if there's a cheaper option that can still house a bunch of lolitas. Attractions around the B&B are an important factor too. I'm hoping that if enough people or interested, this trip could be during the holidays, a tentative date being December 22nd - 23rd. We could stay the friday night prior, but that would cost us another night. There's a lovely place in La Jolla with horseback riding, museums, wine tasting, and ecetera. Would you guys rather stay in the area of Los Angeles/Orange County or venture out 1-3 hours away to areas around San Diego? It'd be fun to head North (toward San Francisco,) but that would be a looonngg trip for some of us lacking decent transportation. I know it's early to post this, but I thought I'd poke the community and give people enough time to save money if we plan to go.
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EGL Bibles

I was wondering what was everyone's favorite volume and why? Which volume would you recommend getting first if someone's new into Lolita? (Or rather not TOO new, but have been looking and learning). I don't own any of them, but I was wondering which one I would get first if I were to get one. I was wondering which volume is more into gothic lolita (the more darker dressed, to be specific) since I seem to be more into that style. Any help would be appreciated.

Question about measuring. . .

Err....Hi! I'm new to lolita and one of those girls who roam the community learning more and more about this fashion so she won't make a mistake.

Lately I have been making skirts and looking for clothes in the sales community so of course I would have to measure my bust, waist, hips, etc. But when I did my mom thought I did it wrong.

So...my question to everyone is how do you measure yourself? Like...where exactly do you measure your waist and such..

I apologize for this silly question ^^; Thank you for reading!

*Edit* Question answered! Thank you for your replies!
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winamp skins...

a very odd post, but does any one know if there are any Lolita winamp skins?
I have just tried different search terms on google, but it didnt come up with anything.

Or if someone on here has any skinning skill, have you or will you kindly make one?
I am looking for something that is like a brand skin, with logos or the artwork featured.

Thanks in advance.

Curly-haired Lolitas ~PLEASE HELP ME!!!~

I have a delema. I have naturaly cury hair, and since we have just entered monsoon season, it is quite hot, and HUMID!!! With a combination of sweat and the humidity, it is VERY hard to keep hair straight, or in any sort of hair style that requires an iron, not to mention the fact that my hair tends to frizz this time of year. I have checked the memories, and none of the links or pictures conserning my type of hair seem to be working, so does anyone have any new links or pictures? I am looking for hair cuts and hair do's. Can some one please, PLEASE help me out of this horrid predicament? I have decided to put aside my years of torture one and for all! :3

Much appriciated
Love, Ms.Candice Victoria
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Expanding Shoes

I figured egl might find this helpful, given the number of us that have to order shoes online without being able to try them on first.

Ever spend a bunch of money on a cute pair of shoes only to find that they're a little too small? Fear not, I've discovered a solution and it doesn't cost a thing! Just place a ziptop bag inside of the shoe, spreading it out along the inside as much as you can. Fill the bag with water and stick the shoe in the freezer. The next day they should be a little bigger. If not, fill with some more water and try again. If you can't get the ice bag out of the shoe, just pour some hot water in the bag.

The shoes I tried this with were faux-leather and they came out fine, but be sure to check if water/ice will damage your shoes before trying this method, just in case.

Hope this helps some of you!
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Candypop! ^~^

I was on Candypop [ http://candypop.co.kr/ ], looking at their jewlery and such when I found a bunch of Vivienne Westwood replicas [e.g. this and this and this as well as more] and a purse that looked like the one Metamorphose~ [I think >__>] has/had. I also found some very  loliable stuff [this as well as these and these  necklaces and a couple tiaras  for the hime-lolis ^~^]

^~^ I just wanted to share with you lovely ladies some of my findings and wanted to see what you think? These items are so lovely and pretty cheap! 8D *plans to buy LOTS XD;*

Quelz ;3
[tp] my name is agent dale cooper

Los Angeles/Orange County Meet Up --- UPDATE

Sorry for posting twice in a day, but after calling the Laguna Niguel Ritz Carlton, I found out that they suspended their tea service. T_T;; They do have a restaurant we could dine at, but I doubt it would be the same experience. (And more $$$ too) Also, the picnic baskets are only for those staying in the hotel. Sooo...I was thinking that I could push this location back toward September when they open their tea services again. ^^;; What does everyone else think?

In the meanwhile, I've found a new place to have our August 3rd meetup. :D

Descanso Gardens!

Along with a variety of gardens, Descanso also has a lovely cafe where we can meet for lunch. ^^
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Wallpapers and Screensavers

Does anyone have cute wallpapers or screensavers for the computer? Anything loli, or just cute in general, would be great:)

(i did check to see if there was any other post like this and there were a few but only peoples own work)

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candy wife

Hi, everyone~

I'm not new to lolita, just sort of new to wearing it and posting here. (that was my intro)

Today I got my first "little bo peep" comment. I was proud, thinking "And so it begins..." and I'm just curious to know (if you can remember) what was your first odd comment when wearing lolita? What was your most interesting? Thanks in advance~