July 10th, 2007


hi there

I basicly have kept my hair straight for most of my life or very short, i have grown it down back of sholders now.

i am naturaly curley and if left to dry i get very curly and very Knot! quickly grrrr

anyways i am wondering cause i want keep my hair permently in ringlets if it possible

if so can anyone help with how to actualy keep them permently and keep them nice and clean,



kodona/boystyle pictures?

I've been dying to get my boyfriend into dressing kodona but before that happens he said he would like to see what the style looks like exactly. Sadly I haven't really been able to find any good examples, and when I checked the memories the links to the pictures were dead :(

Help please? :D
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Coordinate Question

Out of curiousity and to help me save some money in the long run, what color shoes, socks and non-matching accessories and such would you wear with navy blue? I was thinking of adding some navy blue to my wardrobe, but I wasn't really sure. White? Black? What about with moss green? Or royal purple? I'm more classic lolita, so I'm trying to decide: will a set of shoes all in black do or should I really get some in browns and whites as well?

Thank you!!

Big favor! (Picture request)

I have a request:

Could someone who has the Baby the Stars Shine Bright Wizard of Oz JSK or OP please take me a good picture of the embroidery on the edging? You can see it at the bottom of this picture:

If I could get a picture of the whole thing in good quality and contrast (i.e. if you have the black or navy version), I would love you forever. I adore the design and I'm now considering having it put on my person.

Many thanks!
By me!

Ling Lam Orders

In everyone's experience, how long has it taken an order from Ling Lam's Ebay shop to get to you after confirmation? (Especially if you live in the UK)

Also, does anyone know if she does half sizes?

yellow umbrella

My first real go at EGL! (Be gentle with me... i have no EGL friends *cry*)

Ok, so I finally got into gear and got down to Sai Sai in Camden ♥ and got my frist EGL dress.

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OK SO... constuctive criticism please!

Also, yes you can see the lip piercing in the picture, and i have my clevage pierced... which i am 100% certain can't be on show for EGLing, but i also have an anti-eyebrow piercing which i think is quite cute and femenine but i need opinions on also. (not that i'll take it out or anything but you know..)

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^---excuse the messy 'brows!
gothic lolita

Baby Apron Question

Just a quickie, but does anyone know if there's any difference between these two aprons?


They have different product code numbers and slightly different names and descriptions but look like the exact same thing, and are selling for the exact same price (and even use the same photos...). Is there any difference at all or... what? I'm just a little confused! XD I'm planning on buying one soon so if anyone can tell me what, if any, difference there is it would be very appreciated, thanks! : )

Lolita tattoo


On Thursday I am getting a lolita tattoo!!! I will be starting a half sleeve and this will be my third tattoo. Now the problem is I cannot find any cute drawings of lolitas. I tried to search the memories and i must be doing something wrong cause I cant find them for the life of me .If anyone  could help me with links, I would really apreciate it . I really like sweet lolita and music notes themed dresses, but anythign could be modified. pretty please help me !!

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Black blouse question!

Hello all! Sorry to flood the community with a silly question but I'm really stumped!

I'm purchasing a black blouse soon and I wasn't quite sure what color of jsk I would wear over it!  I would make the jsk so finding an appropriate brand piece isn't my problem, I'm just worried about color coordinating!  Any ideas?

Thanks so much!

Oh and I saw jsk rather than just a skirt because I feel like when making a jsk a person has lots more creative options but if everyone votes down the jsk idea I guess I would need to think of an appropriate skirt color.

Starting out

I want to start being Lolita/ EGL. I currently don't own anything like it (I own mostly t-shirts and sweat pants). I don't have much clothes money, either. I'm relatively fat (about size 14) so I can't fit into any Baby the Stars Shine Bright clothes or anything like that anyway. So I guess I should just buy a plain dress and modify it...?

I just need some starting advice, please...